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1 x Spatula or soft scraper to apply vinyl
8 x Kyosho Deducted DF55/F16 Propeller fan
2 x Kyosho Jet Mirage Canopy
1 x Kyosho F-86F Sabre/F-16 Fighting Falcon (GP) Pales Turbine
1 x Kyosho propeller turbine
1 x Kyosho DF55/F-16 fan adapter
1 x Kyosho F-16 Ducted Fan 55mm
10 x Rear Shock Mount for Mini-Z Overland (Large size)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe In -1.0mm
1 x GPM Motor Spacer A3 for MiniZ AWD 4x4 (Blue)
1 x GPM Rear Aluminium Rims Associated RC18T Blue
1 x Graphite Rear Damper Plate
1 x R246 Mini-Z Li-Fe Mount Code(Kyosho)
2 x Kyosho Jet Illusion DF Propeller
1 x Kyosho Caliber EP400 Tail Rotor Blade
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Front Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-1.0mm)
1 x V-One RRR Multi drive (One Way /Solid Axle)
1 x Power Brigde
1 x GPM Motor Spacer A3 for MiniZ AWD 4x4 (Silver)
2 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe In LGC -1.
1 x  GPM Rear convergence Bar Toe-Out 0.3 degree for MiniZ AWD 4x4 M
1 x Team Durango Drive Shaft 65mm (2pcs)
1 x Wire for Charging Banana to Din
1 x Team Durango DIMEC20 CHASSIS DEST210 (Type B)
1 x Kyosho Bodywork MiniZ Skyline Ciesse PIUMINI TRAMPI
1 x TOP Scythe Battery Hodler Mount Post (Red)
1 x 7075 t-6 Aluminium Steering Knuckles (0*)
1 x GPM Aluminium Frontal for Bodywork Skyline GTR (Purple)
3 x Ko Propo Charge cord for JR Transmitter
1 x Teamwave Lightning Dischange Equalizing System V2
1 x BZ2017 Long 10.0mm CVD Silver (2pcs)(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Washers (M4, M5 1mm)
1 x Kyosho Washers (3x10x1mm)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Screws star (M2.6x12)
1 x  Kyosho FHST Screw(M2.6x6-8-10-12)
1 x Kyosho Shim Set (12x15x0.5mm) (10 u)
1 x Kyosho Screw Allen Set (M3x20)(M3x25)
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M3x10)
1 x Kyosho Autobloc Nuts. Nylon Lipped (M4x5.6)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x20)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x25)
1 x Rudders for Citabria Minium Kyosho airplane
1 x Losi Micro T - Rear Stainless Shaft
1 x Kyosho KXW06 One Way Universal Shaft
1 x Gear Diff. Housing 40T (for SPR009-BD)
1 x TRPscale water decals Mosler Challenge n84
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-1.0mm)
1 x Springs + Clips and Axle Avant Slot
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-0.6mm)
1 x AX upper Plate for Axial Scorpion AX10
1 x GPM Aluminium Frontal for Bodywork Skyline GTR (Silver)
1 x Axial XR10 Chassis Skid Plate and Battery Mount Set
1 x GPM Main Shaft 88.40mm on Aluminium Xmod Evo Touring
1 x Multi Drive for Kyosho V-One RRR
1 x GPM Aluminium Rear Bar Toe-Out 0.3mm for MiniZ AWD 4x4 MA010
1 x GPM Main Shaft 80.40mm on Aluminium for Xmod Evo Touring
1 x Kyosho Caliber EP400 Body
1 x KO Propo Servo PDS-2501 ICS (7.4 Kg - 0.12sec)
1 x Kyosho KT033 Side Body Mount (Racing Kart)
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2512 ICS)
1 x NT1 Aluminium Rear adjust Stabilicer
1 x KO Propo delrin Servo Gear Set (PDS-2502 ICS)
1 x GPM Differential Crown for Kyosho differential 42T (Balls 1/16")
1 x Small Parts of MR015 Chasis
1 x MB4 Ball Diff. Pressure Plate & thrust Ball
1 x Xray Nitro Motor Mount (upper)
1 x Tamiya DB01 Aluminum C-Hub
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-4mm LGC (-0.
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder -1.0mm
1 x Axial SCX10 Rubicon Roof (AX90028/AX04033/AX04035)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Skeleton Chasis Set Clear Green
1 x Losi Micro T - Caster Block
1 x GPM Aluminium Main Shaft for Xmod Touring 80.40mm
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Alloy Body Lock Dodge Vipper
1 x Atomic AMZ Option Camber Arm Set (-1.5*,-2*,-2.5*)
1 x KO Propo Light-Weight Screws Set on Aluminium for extension
1 x KO Propo - BSx2 One10 Grasper Servo
1 x Ultra Spring Steel Swing Shaft (F)
1 x Kyosho Ball Bearing (6x12x4.5)
1 x LRP Charge Wire Banana to DIN
1 x Receiver 1.5mm JST Conversion Kit
1 x Kyosho Shield Bearing (3x8x4) 2Pcs
1 x QteQ T plate for MiniZ MR03 102mm
1 x GPM Lateral Bars for rooftrack of MiniZ Overland Land Cruiser
1 x PN Arm for Mounting Tridamper System on MR2295 Motor Mount
1 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x Vintage Kyosho Mini Cooper Wheel M-Chassis FF Mantis
1 x Losi micro T - Rear Damper Mount
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Back Chassis Support
1 x GLR Motor Pinion Pitch 64 and 12T
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Bancada motor 98mm LCG v5 Plata
1 x ST Spped Control 33Amp
1 x KOPropo Espuma de volante EX-1 KIY
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Lit Diff.Gear Assembly
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2345 ICS)
1 x KO Mini-Z MR03 Setting Card
1 x Team Durango DEX410v3 Diff Ring Gear 42T
1 x Kyosho V-One RR Rod Stopper
1 x PN Racing MiniZ TDS 94mm Top Shock Carbon Plate Version 2
1 x Kyosho V-One RR Bell Guide Washer
1 x GPM Aluminium Main shaft 84.40mm for Xmod Evo Touring
1 x KO Propo - Ultimate Booster 2
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