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Figurine of the manga Shinobu-Chan nº1 (19cm of height)
Figurine of the manga Shinobu-Chan nº1 (19cm of height)
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Espanol English Aleman Catala Frances
2 x Kyosho Pillow Ball 5.8mm
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screw (M3x20)
2 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M3x15)
2 x Kyosho screws (M3x22) (M3x24) (M3x26) (M3x28) Star
4 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M2.6x4)
6 x  Kyosho FHST Screw(M2.6x6-8-10-12)
2 x Kyosho Screw Pin 3x25
1 x Kyosho Autobloc Nuts. Nylon Lipped (M4x5.6)
5 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M4x10)
2 x Kyosho Miniz Moto Racer Tapa basculante trasero (Honda RC212V)
7 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x18)
3 x Kyosho stud (M5x30) (M5x40)
2 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x15)
4 x Jomurema Battery charger Lipo 2S to 1A
2 x Kyosho Hardware (M2.6x6) (10u)
3 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M3x10)
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M3x12)
2 x Silicon Wire 200C
4 x KoPropo RSx2 Caja de servo superior
1 x Kyosho Washers (3x10x1mm)
4 x Kyosho Allen Screw Button (M3x12)
2 x Kyosho Washers (M3x10x1.0)
1 x Kyosho Autoblog Alu Nylon Nuts (M4x4.5)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M3x18)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 5.1mm x 6.5mm (espesores de 0.1-0.2-0.3
2 x Kyosho Allen bar (M3x12)
1 x JRP Trust Block Oil
1 x Kyosho Flat Head Hex(M3x8/10pcs)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 4.1mm x 5.5mm (espesores de 0.05)
1 x 2mm ceramic thrust balls (G5)
2 x Kyosho Bevel Allen Bolts (M4x12)
1 x Ball Diff. Joint (AL. Light weight diff.)
1 x Kyosho Washers (M5x12x0.8)
1 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2367/68/86 ICS Metal brush
1 x Kyosho Nuts Labiatae (M3x3.7)
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M4x6)
1 x Loctite Super Glue 3 Power Flex
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M4x10)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Buggy Differential Crown
1 x Kyosho Nut(M4X4.5mm) Flanged Steel Blue
1 x Kyosho Washers (M2.6x7x0.5)
1 x GLA Precision Spring - Soft (F)
1 x TRP Screw Set Button Type (Hex 1.5) M2 x 8 (10u)
1 x KO Propo Aluminum Gear Set for RSx Response
1 x Kyosho Nuts (M2x1.6)
1 x Carbon Body Mounting Plate (for F458)(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 11.0
1 x Team Durango 3mm Diff Balls (14pcs)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho Mega Force chasis support
1 x Kyosho Brake Rod and Stopper (gas)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 6.1mm x 8mm (espesores de 0.05)
1 x Kyosho One-way Bearing Grease 15g
1 x GLA 7075 rear shock tower (High)
1 x Kyosho Motor GX12-15 Clamp Screw Carburetor
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Double disc inertia flywheel (OS)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Screws Star Tintanio (M3x10)
1 x GLA Carbon Shock Tower set (FRONT)
1 x M6 x 8 shim set (0.1 /0.2 / 0.3mm)
1 x KO Propo BSx2 Power Servo Composite Box
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M2.6x8)
3 x Kyosho King Pin oil
1 x Kyosho Shim set (12x18x15mm) (10u)
1 x Kyosho Rear Bearing(GXR15)
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M3x15)
1 x Kyosho Allen bar (M3x14)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Screws Totanio Star (M3x12)
1 x KOPropo Gatillo Multiangulo para Expert grip 2
1 x GLR Pitch64 Long Life Spur Gear 51T
1 x Kyosho Starter Case(GS15R/PR)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M3x8)
1 x GLA Front Arms w/ Knuckles Set
1 x Sirio S09 Uniball Joint
1 x Kyosho Lipped Allen Screw (M3x8)
1 x Kyosho Miniz Moto Racer carenado Yamaha sin pintar
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 10.0
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 Special Servo Saver
1 x Kyosho Allen bar (M4x20)
1 x Kyosho Allen screws (M3x18)
1 x Top Traction Aditive Blue Factor
1 x KO Propo Servo Horn en carbono y aluminio (18.5mm)
1 x Team Orion Boards (Motor:X312T)
1 x Kyosho 97034-11 Clutch Bell 11T LB-Type (DMT/DBX)
1 x kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer guardabarros delantero y trasero Ducati
1 x Galgas de carbono para medir el camber desde 0 a 1.5
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M2.6x5)
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Under Cowling Set (Yamaha)(Kyosho)
1 x Team Orion - Silicone Wire 12AWG black/red
1 x Slot Miniz GroupZ TRPscale Adjustable Body Post (2u)
2 x Bearing Set(MINI-Z Moto/4pcs.)(Kyosho)
1 x KO Propo delrin Servo Gear Set (PDS-2501 ICS)
1 x GLA Precision Spring - Medium (F)
1 x Spatula or soft scraper to apply vinyl
1 x ATM SSG Reinforce plate for Ferrari 575 Bodywork
1 x Adhesive double side (Special receivers)
1 x Kyosho M3X15mm Self-Tapping Bind Screw (10)
1 x GLR Motor Pinion Pitch 64 and 13T
1 x KO Propo Servo PDS-2502 ICS (8.3 Kg - 0.15sec)
2 x M3x12 button head stainless Hex Screw (10pcs)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x12)
1 x Receiver 1.5mm JST Conversion Kit
1 x RC Unit(MINI-Z Moto)(Kyosho)
1 x Knuckle Ball Joint Heads 2.5mm(+0.6)
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M3x16)
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Front Suspension (Black)(Kyosho)
1 x KO Propo - BSx2 One10 Grasper Servo
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M3x12)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Moto Racer Front Wheel
1 x Kyosho Rubber mounts for servo 3x7x5) Ditch=5/Length=2
1 x C-Ring(C11)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 6.0
1 x Kyosho ball w/screw (4.5x7)
1 x Kyosho Allen screws (M4x35, 40, 45)
1 x Kyosho FHST Screw(M3x15-16-18-20)
1 x  Kyosho Carburetor Seal (GS21-CR)
1 x KO Propo BSx2 One10 Digital servo Low Profile
1 x KYOSHO Hard Adjust Rod (3x20mm) 2pcs (SPW5)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x20)
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z MC-01 Screw Set(Kyosho)
2 x Kyosho Washers (M4, M5 1mm)
1 x EasyLap Transponder IR Personal (Sistema Robi) MiniZ
1 x Kyosho Starter Assembly GS11 Black
1 x Kyosho - Charger(MINI-Z Moto)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x8)
1 x Kyosho Motor GX21 Slide Carburetor Set
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M4x10)
1 x Kyosho Silicone Oil 150 (40cc)
1 x KO Mini-Z MR03 Setting Card
1 x Cables de motor silicona negro y rojo
1 x Team Orion - Vortex R10.1 Pro Brushless ESC
1 x Kyosho Super Ten front bar stabilizer
2 x Kyosho SuperTen 2-Speed Clutch Bell
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Crown 39T (FW4)
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Clutch Bell (13-16T)
2 x PR Racing Llave de rueda de 5.5mm
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Spur Gear 2 speed 36T (TR15)
3 x Aluminum Lock Nut 4mm (BLUE)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten FW4 Center Bulkhead
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Gear Box (TR15/FW4)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Toe Angle Adijuater Sus.
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Steel Final Gear
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Main Shaft
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Corona 37T Spur Gear(37T)
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Rear Rims with HEX 12mm Black
1 x Kyosho SuperTen One Way Bearing
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Low Profile Wide Wheel White Rims Rear 6 Spokes
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Drive Washer FW14 (14mm)
1 x  Kyosho SuperTen Pinion Gear L(14T)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Spur Gear(41T)
1 x Oiled Ball Bearing 5x10x3 (4 pcs)
2 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Bumper top
1 x Kyosho Super Ten 9mm Pillow Ball Nut.
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Pinion Gear H(17T)
1 x Kyosho Battery NiMh 8.4V 600mAh (Pipper EP)
2 x Kyosho Super Ten Rear Hub
1 x Kyosho FW05 Small Parts Set
1 x Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Front tire Medium
1 x 0.8 Mini Body clip with Oring set -10pcs
1 x Kyosho Super Ten FW04 Rear Bulk Head
1 x Kyosho 1/8 Foam Tires Rears 32gr
2 x Brushless Motor Analyzer de SkyRC
1 x Kyosho Adhesive Giga Crusher
1 x Spec R - Gear Diff. Housing 37T (For SPR009-TA)
1 x Kyosho 1:8 Vintage Rims with Hexagon 18
1 x Team Durango DIMEC20 CHASSIS DEST210 (Type B)
1 x Titanium M2x4 Countersunk Tapping Hex Screw (10pcs)
1 x KO Propo Battery holder for EX-1 KIY
1 x Mosfer for Turbo (2u)
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Center Bulk Head
1 x Team Durango 1:10 Electric Big Bore Shock Set 23mm Stroke
1 x  Kyosho Super Ten Disk Holder
1 x M2x4 Countersink Stainless Steel Hex Machine Screw (20pcs)(PN Ra
1 x Motor Box (for MiniZ)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 5.1mm x 6.5mm (espesores de 0.05)
1 x Tuercas de M2 en aluminio con freno color plata
1 x Kyosho TR15 Upper Plate
1 x Kyosho Plastic Parts (Equalizer 1:10)
1 x Lama V3 Conection cables
1 x TOP Photon Suspension Mount Set
1 x Pinion Gear H (18T)
2 x Galgas de carbono para medir el camber desde 2 a 3.5
1 x Tamiya DB01 Aluminum C-Hub
1 x Llantas Delanteras 2.2 Turbo Scorpion 2014
1 x Kyosho Super Ten 6 Spoke Narrow Wheels HEX 14 mm
1 x Kyosho Fazer Kobra EP Upper Plate Set
1 x TOP Scythe Ball bearing 3 x 8 mm (2u)
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Pinion Gear L(15T)
1 x Team Durango ALUMINIUM SPACER 6x3x1MM (GOLD, 10pcs)
1 x TOP Photon Suspension Mount Insert (2u)
1 x Kyosho Jet Illusion DF Propeller
1 x Kyosho FW05 Diff.Case. (DBX)
1 x TRP Professional PCB for LED lights.
1 x Kyosho 6.8 Hard Ball (M4.0) [10pcs]
1 x Kyosho Caliber Minium main motor Kyosho
1 x Mini-Z Nano Tranponder unit (Personal ID)
1 x Graphite Tail Boom
1 x Lock nuts on Aluminium and Nylon for Kyosho Inferno
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