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Bodywork TRPscale MiniZ Mosler painted by hand Solid yellow [SCB045]

Bodywork TRPscale MiniZ Mosler painted by hand Solid yellow

Bodywork TRPscale MiniZ Mosler painted by hand Solid yellow [SCB045]

Ref: SCB045

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1/28 scale bodywork of the Mosler MT900 model manufactured by TRP Scale, painted by hand, in solid yellow color (Solid yellow) valid for the Kyosho Mini-Z Racer , Atomic AMZ / AMR / BZ / BZ17 and SZ , as well as for the GLA from GL Racing .

¿What does this body of the Mosler MT900 model include?
A part of the bodywork that has been made the complete painting process (painted and varnished), the tires are delivered (Offset +2 front and +3 rear), the side tabs, the mirrors, the black rear spoiler, the smoked glass, and the glasses of the front lights (smoked) and red rear lights). It is important to note that the wheels included with this body are valid only for the Kyosho MiniZ Racers 2wd, and can not be mounted on AWD chassis models (Kyosho MA020, Atomic AMZ, BZ, BZ17, AMR, or GL Racing GLA) since the anchoring of the tires is different for each type of chassis (2wd / 4wd.Although the AMR is rear-wheel drive uses AWD version tires).

The bodywork is delivered disassembled.

¿What spare parts and options are available for this body?

On the one hand we have the original front and rear wheels of this model (same as those that are supplied with the bodywork). Your ref. is SCB001A. We also have the replacement of the body anchors, the front and the two sides. These are identical to those included in the body, so in the event that one of them breaks, we can replace them. Replacement anchors have the ref. SCB001B. Finally, another available spare is the one formed by the rear spoiler + the two mirrors on one side and the glasses of the front and rear headlights on the other. The original spoiler next to the spare mirrors has the ref. SCB00C while the headlight lenses are ref. SCB00D.

We also have the main glass of the body MT900 made in transparent lexan. This lexan glass will replace the original glass, and we will use it when we want to reduce the final weight of the body + chassis assembly). This glass in transparent lexan is manufactured by PN Racing and its reference is: LW900. We also have lexan glass but with a body roof, that is, another version of lexan glass that will require that we cut both the four supports of the original body roof, as the roof itself. Once placed this glass with lexan ceiling we will have lowered even more the weight of the body. The reference of lexan glass with roof is LR900.


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