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BZ2017 Bearing Set(RC Atomic)[BZ17-22]

BZ2017 Bearing Set(RC Atomic)

BZ2017 Bearing Set(RC Atomic)[BZ17-22]

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Original replacement of the complete bearing assembly for the BZ 2017 chassis.

This kit includes a total of 18 ball bearings, of different sizes. We can replace the original bearings in the following points of the chassis: the 4 bearings of greater diameter that hold the differentials (6x10x3), the 8 bearings that we insert in the front and rear stub axles (3x6x2), the 2 bearings of the central pulley (3x6x2 and 2x5x2.5), and the 2 bearings on which the splitter is mounted (2x5x2.5).

¿Is it important to keep the bearings of our BZ2017 in good condition?

We would dare to say that the set of bearings are one of the most important parts of our chassis BZ2017. All of them are located at the points of greatest friction between elements. Axles, belts, pulleys, etc. all the elements that are subject to friction work with bearings. Therefore, in addition to mounting bearings to soften and fine-tune the operation of the car, we must perform a constant maintenance of these bearings, first to ensure the proper functioning of the chassis, and second to improve the performance of the entire transmission. Good bearings, very clean and lubricated, make our car faster, and make it easier for the battery to last a little longer.

If in any chassis it is necessary to ensure the good condition of all the bearings, that is without a doubt in the AWD chassis, the 4x4, as they have many more friction points than the traction chassis. back, for example.

Not all bearings will suffer the same, so the periodicity in which we perform maintenance may be different. The bearings of the spreader do not suffer as much, for example, as the 4 bearings on which the differentials are mounted.

¿How should we maintain the bearing assembly of our BZ2017? 

In TRP we are specialists in the treatment of micro-ball bearings like those used by the Atomic BZ2017. We perform the following process:
- First, once the bearings have been disassembled of the car, we introduce them in a cleaning pot (ref 600300) in which we use industrial degreaser (ref EQ25B) to clean the bearings completely. Once the bearings are inside the boat, immersed in the liquid degreaser, we must shake the boat well so that the degreaser does its job well.
- We remove the bearings from the boat and proceed to dry them thoroughly. Blowing them with a compressor can help to keep them dry, preventing them from rotating by the force of the air under pressure.
- The most important step will be to lubricate them again, in this case using our special micro-bearings, the Murasaky Yume (TRP023) A couple of drops per bearing will be enough to make them thinner than when they were new ...

As long as we always have clean and lubricated bearings on the one hand we will prolong the life and on the other hand we will be getting the maximum match. In addition, it will be much easier to detect if we have a bearing in poor condition, at which time we will use it to change it.


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