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BZ2017 Carbon Top Deck 98mm WB(RC Atomic)[BZ17-02]

BZ2017 Carbon Top Deck 98mm WB(RC Atomic)

BZ2017 Carbon Top Deck 98mm WB(RC Atomic)[BZ17-02]

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Original Top Deck replacement made of carbon fiber, for 98mm wheelbase, suitable for the Atomic BZ 2017 chassis.

This upper subframe or chassis reinforcement is identical to the original supplied with the BZ17 kit.

¿What? function has the Top Desk in the chassis BZ2017?

The upper subframe works as a reinforcement, as a chassis stiffener. In the accelerations, in the braking, in the steps by curve and evidently in the blows and impacts, the main chassis flexes, has a certain torsion. This upper reinforcement allows the chassis to continue twisting, but limits the chassis to be folded, that is, having torsion forward or backward.

Being a chassis with transmission by straps is very important to maintain the optimal tension in the belt that the chassis does not flex in that direction, and do it only laterally. < /p>

¿What? precautions should we have when mounting this upper reinforcement in the BZ17?

As with the 1/10 scale Touring chassis, the Top Deck is essential for the proper functioning of the chassis, but it must be well assembled. Otherwise it will be one of the causes of the chassis malfunction.

On the one hand, when mounting it on the front and rear covers of the differential, we must make sure that the part fits correctly and that it is not forced. If you have to touch up this Top Deck with a file, in one of the 4 anchoring points, it is better to do it before mounting it than to try to fit it by force, because in that case the main chassis will be in a forced position ( flawed).

Once we have positioned the Top Deck, we can make sure that the main chassis is there. completely flat. If so, We will be tightening each of the 4 screws of the Top Deck alternately, until everyone makes a stop (it is no longer necessary to make sure that the chassis is perfectly flat), Another possibility is to put the 4 screws of the Top Deck but not tighten them thoroughly, leave them a slight slack. In that case this superior reinforcement will only block. to the main chassis when it wants to fold and instead not exercise. No pressure when the main chassis twists laterally.

Each pilot can choose the best way to adjust his Top Deck, that is, you must always make sure that when tightening the screws that hold him down we do not vitiate the main chassis. 


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