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Cable silicona motor Miniz brushless (3u x 14cm) [TRP220]

Cable silicona motor Miniz brushless (3u x 14cm)Cable silicona motor Miniz brushless (3u x 14cm)Cable silicona motor Miniz brushless (3u x 14cm)

Cable silicona motor Miniz brushless (3u x 14cm) [TRP220]

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Set consisting of three electric cables 14cm long each, with silicone sheath , designed for the brushless motors of RC vehicles at 1/28 scale.

¿What characteristics make them especially recommended for the Kyosho Mini-Z VE?

When we have to connect the brushless motors to the electronic boards of the Mini-Z VE and VE PRO, we look for the cables to be very flexible so that they do not pull the rear train and that affects the rear suspension assembly, and other side that transmit well the current that has to reach the engine, without heating and without loss of power.

These three cables with reference TRP220 have silicone sheath very flexible and malleable, which will allow us to position the cables in the way that interests us most. In addition, the thickness of these cables perfectly supports the necessary electrical power and guarantees its maximum conductivity .

¿How can the length of the cables affect me?

When we use in our Mini-Z or in our chassis 1/28 optional engine mounts and more powerful engines than the original, the set-up in general must be very precise. Therefore, we take care of all the details that can affect the performance of the car. The motor cables must run freely, without touching areas that are in motion. For this it is important that they have the precise length. So, we will solder the cables to the electronics or to the terminals of the motor, and we will position them, before cutting them, doing the route that we want. In this way we can cut them and weld them definitively in their proper measure.

¿How can we know what is the order of the 3 cables in the brushless motors?

Although many manufacturers use the three cables of different colors, the truth is that if they do not explain to which connector each color should go, you will find yourself without knowing where to connect each cable.

It's much easier than all that. From the electronics (electronic variator) come the three cables, one central and the other two one on each side. Well, the central cable must be connected to the motor, precisely to the terminal located in the center. In this way, the other two cables connected to the electronic drive on the sides can only be connected directly to the terminals that will be found on each side of the central terminal of the motor.

Once the motor is connected to the electronic drive, in the case that the motor turns in the opposite direction to that which should, we will simply have to cross between them the two cables welded in the lateral positions, without touching the central cable at all. This operation can be done in the terminals of the engine, or those of the electronic variator, which is more comfortable for us to work.


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