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Espanol English Aleman Catala Frances
1 x PR Racing SC201 diferencial mecánico
1 x Kyosho spherical titanium 64 (5.8mm) M3
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher LINKAGE SET
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Brake Cam Shaft Set
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Tie Rod(4x80 for readyset)
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Suspension Arm.
1 x Kyosho Adhesive Giga Crusher
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Swing Shaft(124mm)2Pcs
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher 3-speed Gear Box
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Cup Joint (6mm)
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Bulkhead
1 x PR Racing Justas de diferencial (2u)
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher pinion
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Suspension Plate
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher TIE ROD SET
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Input Shaft
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Swing Shaft(62mm)1Pcs
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Flywheel inertia optional 2 Pieces
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Suspension Pin Set
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Differential Box
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Brake Hub Joint
1 x 74025-12 startup strings for GXR28
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Output Shaft
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Aluminum Cross Member(BLUE)
1 x SkyRC TORO Ts120a Competition Brushless Sensored 1/10
1 x Atomic AMZ ESC Setting Program Card
1 x KO Propo Advantage Capacitor B
1 x SkyRc WiFi Module for ESC s and Chargers
3 x USB PC Interface for SkyRC Chargers/ESC
1 x Spec-R X Ray T3 Spur Gear Graphite Plate
1 x Kyosho TF5 Stallion Front Shock Stay
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Lower front arm suspension axles (76mm)
2 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe Out 0-2mm
1 x Aluminium Steering Bar for MiniZ Overland TOE-IN 1 degree
1 x Hpi Baja 5B Led light With Battery Indicator set (White)
2 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Flywheel 2D (SP)
2 x Rear Tire 30* (2u)
2 x Metalic rear-view mirror for MiniZ Overland
2 x KO Propo Wire MT-1 for MiniZ
2 x Jamara Fyro V2 Coaxial Helicopter
7 x Kyosho V-One 64 Ti/Swing Shaft(45)
6 x Kyosho Zaboon Main chassis (long)
7 x TOP Sythe Stabilizer Bar (2 pieces)
5 x TOP Scythe 5 x 6.35 x 5mm collar (Silver)
1 x MB4 Ball Diff. Pressure Plate & thrust Ball
4 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-4mm Toe-Out
7 x Axial XR10 Chassis Skid Plate and Battery Mount Set
24 x PR Racing Llave de rueda de 5.5mm
9 x Team Durango DEX410 Skid Plate 30gr Weight
9 x Rear Camber SET for Tamiya TL01
3 x Kyosho V-One-S PC Pinion Gear 24T 2Speed.
15 x Aluminum Lock Nut 4mm (BLUE)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe Out 0.2mm
3 x Shock Tower Alloy Rear
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-2mm LGC (-0.
6 x Kyosho MiniZ F1 Steering Tie Rod +2gr Toe-In
7 x Brushless Motor Analyzer de SkyRC
4 x MB4 SSG Upper Plate
5 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Upper deck carbon composite
10 x Kyosho V-One S Front Lower Sus. Shaft.
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-4mm LGC (-0.
1 x MB4 SSG Rear Shock Tower
4 x Kyosho Rotary Speed Controller Maxxum Optima Mid
5 x GPM Metalic First pinion of Servo of MiniZ MR02
2 x Kyosho V-One RR Evo Diff.Shaft Set
2 x ROB Fail Safe Robitronic (4.8V-6V)
5 x Plate for Rear anti-roll bars S.720
3 x Spec-R Silicone Differential Oil 500.000
2 x 1.5 JST Socket to Servo Socket Converter (1pcs)
2 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-4mm Toe-Out
2 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Gear box
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Bandeja de radio
2 x Kyosho SuperTen Center Bulk Head
1 x Kyosho Silicone Differential Oil (40cc)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen Screws (M3x8)
2 x Kyosho Fazer Clutch Shoe Set
1 x Losi micro T - Rear Damper Mount
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 4.8mm King Pin balls
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 servo saver guide
3 x Kyosho MFR Monster Bevel Gear set (11T/43T)
1 x Kyosho Silicone Oil 60000 (40cc)
1 x Kyosho Coloured Antenna Aerial Caps 6Pcs
1 x Screw Pin(3x59mm/4pcs/MFR)(Kyosho)
1 x TRP Screw Set Button Type (Hex 1.5) M2 x 3 (10u)
2 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho V-One-R SP Brake Disk SP
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Audi A4 Red bull Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Spring(L)#75
2 x Kyosho SuperTen Clutch Bell (13-16T)
1 x Kyosho Hardware Head round Star (M2.6x25) 10u
1 x Gear Diff. 0.1mm Internal Shim Set for Gear Diff
10 x Team Durango Shims 10x12x0.2mm (10u)
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Center Gear
1 x GPM Motor Spacer A3 for MiniZ AWD 4x4 (Blue)
1 x Electronics for MiniZ F1
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alfa Speed Transmission Set
1 x Kyosho Titanium Adjust Rod (46mm)
1 x Protection for differential-Scythe+Kyosho Stallion 12u
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 rear swing shaft (L=56mm)
1 x Kyosho GP Spider Chasis superior
1 x Kyosho PureTen Spider GP Torreta delantera en fibra de carbono
1 x Kyosho Fuel Tank (125cc)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Front Rim (Hex 12mm) For Foam
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Ferrari F430GT Adhesive
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 7.0mm
1 x Kyosho screws (M3x22) (M3x24) (M3x26) (M3x28) Star
1 x Losi micro T - Frontal Damper Mount
2 x Kyosho V-One R Front Bulk Head (V-One S)
1 x Losi Micro T - Caster Block
1 x KO Propo DSC Clable for EX-10 Helios
1 x Kyosho Allen Tapered Screw (M4x20)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-2mm LGC (-1.
2 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x22)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR015 Skeleton Chasis Set Clear
1 x Kyosho KS1401 (Fazer) Servo Gear
1 x Kyosho F.H.S.T.Screw(M8x8,12)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x12)
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Stabilizer Bar (1.0)
1 x Kyosho V-One R Crystarl Cap
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Brake shaft set
1 x Motor cleaner with precission pipe
1 x KOPropo Servo BSx3-one10 Response (0.08sec/60 13.3Kg)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR 23T aluminum pulley
1 x Cables de motor silicona negro y rojo
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Rear Shock Stay
2 x Team Orion - Silicone Wire 12AWG black/red
1 x TOP Scythe Turnbuckle 3 x 45
1 x Kyosho MegaForce Brake Disk
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Wide Wheel Set Gun Metal (wide 32)
1 x GPM Differential Crown for Kyosho differential 42T (Balls 1/16")
1 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2501/02/11/12 ICS
1 x Kyosho V-One y FW5T Hexagonos y espaciadores
1 x  Kyosho V-One-S PC Pinion Gear21T 2Speed
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Battery Door
1 x Kyosho BRG002 5x8x2.5mm Metal Shield Ball bearing (4)
1 x Kyosho V-One R4 Corona-56 T (2nd gear)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Shock shaft
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten White Aerodish Wheels (24 wide)
1 x Axial Dingo Truck Body (Clear) for scx10
1 x Kyosho Mad Force Inner Sponge(4Pcs)
1 x Kyosho 5.8 Hard Ball (M3.0).
1 x Kyosho Rear Stabilizing Set KXW03
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x15)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Roll Bar.
1 x Kyosho Mega Force damper springs
1 x TOP Scythe Front Bumper
2 x Kyosho Circlip E 4.0 mm
1 x Galgas de carbono para medir el camber desde 2 a 3.5
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR Evo Kit say bar & holder
1 x TOP Scythe Stabilizer Bar 1.4
1 x Kyosho Allen Screw Button (M3x18)
1 x Kyosho V-One RR Evo Carbon Composite Front Sus. Arm
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 servo saver shaft aluminium
2 x TOP Scythe Motor Plate
2 x Kyosho Lazer 2000 Caja transmisión del/tras. y partes plástico
1 x Kyosho Caliber EP400 Body
1 x Kyosho USA-1 Rear Hub Carrier
1 x GPM Frontal Shock Mount for Mini-Z Overland (Large size)
1 x Kyosho Allen bar (M3x14)
1 x Kyosho V-One RR/Evo. Servosaver
1 x Spec-R Tamiya Steel Out Drive (for SPR020-DSTMY)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Lower Suspension Shaft (King Pin)
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension Mount 2.5 deg. (Red)
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Aluminium Drive Washers
1 x KOPropo Cable extension Servo 150mm
2 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Carbon Rear Damper Stay (3.2mm)
1 x Kyosho threaded shaft 3
1 x TOP Scythe Upper Plate
1 x GPM Aluminium Frontal for Bodywork Skyline GTR (Silver)
11 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x6)
1 x Kyosho Nylon Nut(M4)
1 x Kyosho TF5 Seal Cartridge(2-Set)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Rear Rims (Hex 12mm) For Foam
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Dog Bones (L=36.5mm) Spider
1 x GPM Aluminium Frontal for Bodywork Skyline GTR (Purple)
1 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M4x10)
1 x Kyosho Ultima RB5 SP2 Differential Rings (RB5/SCR/RB5 SP/ RT5)
1 x KoPropo RSx2 Caja de servo superior
1 x Kyosho Nuts (M2x1.6)
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR Rear bulk (SIII/RRR/Evo)
3 x Kyosho Differential ball grease (long life)
1 x Kyosho Lazer Vintage Spur Gear Set
1 x Kyosho GP Spider Original Bumper Set (TF4R)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe In -1.0mm
1 x Kyosho Starter Assembly GS11 Black
2 x Kyosho Pivot Ball Flanged 6.8mm (10pcs)
1 x Kyosho Mad Force Steering Clank Set.
1 x Kyosho Racing Battery Holder
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 kit saveservos
1 x KO Propo Carbon Servo Horn
1 x X-Ray Drive Shaft (50mm)
1 x Kyosho Pure ten EP 2 Servo Mount
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Rear Spring (L) (60)
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Drive Shaft
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 vdiff. case seal
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Front lower arm shaft (3x74.5mm)
1 x Kyosho KXW06 One Way Universal Shaft
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC -1.0mm
1 x Slot GroupZ Aluminium Rims 21mm x 13mm (groove)
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.4x5.50 22.5mm 196g
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-2mm Toe-In L
1 x Kyosho PureTen Spider GP Eje central y rodamiento Oneway delante
1 x Kyosho USA-1 Monster Vintage Suspension Arm Set
1 x Kyosho Screw Pin 3x25
1 x Support for gluing tires includes brush
1 x Kyosho ball w/screw (4.5x7)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Wheels 14mm hexes (4u)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Titanium Coating Shock Sh. 30mm
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Stering Rod
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 front diff shaft set
1 x TOP Scythe Damper Plastic Parts
1 x Kyosho Nut(M3,M4)
1 x Kyosho V-One R N Pilot Shaft
1 x Kyosho GP Spider Tie rod 3x51
1 x Kyosho 97022 2Pcs Flywheel (φ35/MFR/DBX/DST)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Skeleton Chasis Set Clear Blue
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 one-way speed holder
1 x Kyosho Tonillos Botón Estrella (M4x20)
1 x Team Kyosho V-One Brake Bracket & Stiffener
3 x Kyosho Super Ten FW4 Rear Bulkhead
1 x Kyosho Allen bar (M4x8)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR rear adjuster bulldog stabilizer set
1 x V-One RRR Little Parts for Brake Mount
1 x  GPM Rear convergence Bar Toe-Out 0.3 degree for MiniZ AWD 4x4 M
1 x TOP Scythe Cup Joint
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Front Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-1.0mm)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M3x8)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Battery Support
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Diff Case Set
2 x Kyosho Super Ten Spur Gear(41T)
2 x TOP Scythe Set Screw M4 x 10
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2345 ICS)
1 x TOP Scythe Axial Ball Bearing Ceramic Balls for 2x6mm
1 x PN Racing MR02 Machine Cut Delrin 21mm Wheel Front 3 (White)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR aluminum brake lever
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 front 7mm Spring
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpga (EP) Pully
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M2.6x6)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Rear Sus. Arm
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Rims Silver
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen Screws (M3x5)
1 x Velvet Coating Thread Shock Case(38/1pcs)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Washers (M4x10x0.8)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Main shaft
1 x Kyosho Pins 2x11mm (V-one-S/R/FW5) 10u
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alfa 2 Motor mount
1 x Kysoho V-One R Drive Belt (V-One-S)
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 6.0
1 x Ko Propo battery box lid for EX-1 transmitter
2 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Brake disc
1 x Kyosho V-One-S PC Pinion Gear 26T 2Speed.
1 x Kyosho V-One R Rear Bulk Head (V-One S)
1 x Kyosho V-One RR Evo Servo Saver Pipe(for RR/Evo).
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2512 ICS)
2 x M3x12 countersunk stainless Hex Screw (10pcs)
1 x Team Durango Shock Piston Washer: Chrome 2.5mmID (10pcs)
1 x Kyosho Tool Set with screws
3 x Kyosho Super Ten Rear Hub
2 x TOP Scythe Suspension Pin 3 x 42mm
2 x Kyosho V-One-R4 middle shaft
1 x Team Durango DEX410v3 Shock Cap & Spring Bucket Set (4pcs)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Porsche 911 GT3 Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Titanium Star Button Screws (M3x12)
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Aluminium engine mount
2 x Kyosho V-One R Front Suspension Arm Set
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Rims wide 32 White
2 x Kyosho Pure Ten Lexus SC430 Body Lexan Clear with Decals
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Takata NSX Adhesives
1 x Kyosho clutch shoe SuperTen 2V
2 x Kyosho Super Ten 9mm Pillow Ball Nut.
1 x Kyosho SuperTen One Way Bearing
1 x VM-II Low Friction Rear Belt (54T)(RC Atomic)
3 x Kyosho Body Nissan GTR Motul Pitwork Lexan 1:10
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Crown 39T (FW4)
2 x GPM Disk Brake adapter (SP Design) for HPI Savage
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten G ZOX Megen NSX 2003 Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Peugeot 206 WRC Gronholm Auriol Decal
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Spur Gear 2 speed 42T (TR15)
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Pinion Gear H(17T)
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screw (M2.6x6)
2 x Kyosho Pure Ten Chevrolet Corvette C5-R Adhesives
1 x WB8-HD Driveshaft Coupler Set(Axial Racing)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten suspension arms wide
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Toe Angle Adijuater Sus.
1 x Kyosho PureTen Spur Gear (H) 37T
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Drive Washer FW14 (14mm)
3 x Kyosho Pure Ten Nismo Fairlady 350Z Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Supra ESSO Ultraflo Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Toyota Supra 2005 Lexan Body
1 x Kyosho Super Ten FW4 Center Bulkhead
1 x VM-II Low Friction Front Belt (145T)(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Toyota Supra Castrol Body Lexan
1 x Kyosho Toe Angle Gauge 200mm
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Spur Gear (H) 40T.
2 x Kyosho Pure Ten Ford Mondeo BTCC Adhesives
2 x Kyosho SuperTen Main Shaft
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Ford Focus WRC 2002 Adhesives
1 x Kyosho SuperTen 2-Speed Clutch Bell
1 x VM-II Alu. Hex. Wheel Lock(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Disk Holder FW4 TR15
1 x M6R Mini Touring Lexan Body Shell (For 1/10 Mini Touring)
2 x Kyosho Pure Ten Carrocería Vauxhall Adhesives
1 x Hardened Alu Motor Gear 42T (64P)
1 x Hard Teflon Pinion Pitch 64 de 52T
1 x TOP Scythe Rear Bumper
1 x TOP Scythe Ball Bearing 10 x 15mm
1 x TOP Scythe Front One way (gold)
1 x TOP Scythe Eva Bumper
2 x Titanium main shaft for Serpent 710
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP7 Rod (3x40mm)
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST/GP Tires with Inner Foam (2u)
1 x TOP Scythe Motor Pod Base (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe Upper Plate 2.5mm
1 x TOP Scythe Front Damper Stay 3.3 mm (U.S. Version)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP7 Rims 10 spokes
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.50 Winding
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.4x5.00 22.5mm 216gf
1 x Hardened Alu Motor Gear 45T (64P)
1 x Graphite Upper Bumper Plate for Serpent 710
1 x TOP Aluminium Universal Bone (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.4x6.00 22.5mm 180g
1 x Hardened Alu Motor Gear 49T (64P)
1 x TOP Scythe Hybrid Spool Set (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe Universal Dog Bone Ver. 2.0
1 x TOP Scythe main Chasis 2.5mm
1 x TOP Scythe Oil Mixed Diaphragm for Dampers 50* (4u)
1 x TOP Scythe Damper Case (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe Aluminium center Shaft (red) for 1:10 cars
1 x TOP Scythe Aluminium Suspension Mount 1,0 deg (red)
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST/Sand/Quad Front Tires
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.25 Winding
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.4x5.75 22.5mm 188gf
1 x TOP Scythe Ball Stud 4.3
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.5x5.50 22.5mm 258g
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension Mount 0 deg. (red)
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.5x6.00 22.5mm 237g
1 x Protection for differential - Associated (12 units)
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 6.00 Winding
1 x TOP Scythe - Racing Spring Set 22.5mm 14500-15650 (12)
2 x Kyosho Mad Force 1:8 Twin Rib Tire Set (2u)
1 x TOP Low Profile Front Damper Stay 3.5mm
1 x TOP Scythe Ackerman Plate
1 x TOP Low Profile Rear Damper Stay 3.5mm
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP7 Pin Shafts 2.6x17mm
1 x Protection for differential - Yokomo BD (12 units)
1 x TOP Scythe Front & Rear Bumper Height Spacer (2x2u)
1 x TOP Scythe Low Friction Rear Belt
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten ARTA NSX GT500 2007 Adhesives
1 x LZ Mini Touring Lexan Body Shell (For 1/10 Mini Touring)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Lancer Evolution VI Adhesives
1 x Top Traction Aditive Blue Factor
1 x Galga e medida para neumático en carbono desde 23.6 a 24.6
1 x Kyosho Shock End(S) 5.5mm (int)
1 x Kyosho 94903 Floating Engine Mount (.10-.18 Engine)
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Fuel Tank
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Main shaft (R4)
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M3x14) (M3x16) (M3x18) (M3x20)
1 x Kyosho Autobloc Nut Nylon (M4x5.5)
1 x Conical Screws M2x4 head Philips (10uds)
1 x Team Orion - Vortex R10.1 Pro Brushless ESC
2 x Mini-Z Nano Tranponder unit (Personal ID)
1 x Kyosho Ciclip E 10.0mm
1 x TRP Screw Set Button Type (Hex 1.5) M2 x 8 (10u)
1 x Kyosho Allen screws (M3x22)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x15)
1 x Kyosho Ball End 6.8mm
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Front Suspension Arm Set
1 x KO PROPO Aluminum Gear Set For RSx Power
1 x Velvet Coating Triple Cap Thread Shock(30)(Kyosho)
1 x Normal Servo Plug to 1.5 JST mini Converter (1 pcs)
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Swing Shaft (56mm)
1 x KO Propo Servo Horn en carbono y aluminio (20mm)
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2511 ICS)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 5.1mm x 6.5mm (espesores de 0.05)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screw (M3x20)
1 x Tóricas de difencial de silicona
1 x Kyosho Bevel Allen Bolts (M4x10)
1 x 1mm Body Clips (10u)
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 rear weight balance
1 x Kyosho Pin Screw Allen (M2x8)
1 x Kyosho Star Oval Head Screws (M3x14, 16,18,20)
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Stabilizer Bar(1.4)(ZX-5)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten 6 Spoke Narrow Wheels HEX 14 mm
1 x Kyosho FW05 Placa de dirección en carbono
1 x Kyosho Shim Set (12x15x0.5mm) (10 u)
1 x Kyosho FW05R Blake Shaft Set.
1 x Kyosho FW05T Metal Brake Disk V TR
1 x Arandelas de calibración 5.1mm x 6.5mm (espesores de 0.1-0.2-0.3
1 x Kyosho Allen screws (M4x35, 40, 45)
1 x TOP Photon Bumper and Body Posts Set
1 x TOP Scythe Wheel Hub Accessory
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.75 Winding
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Mobil 1 NSX Adhesives
1 x Kyosho FW05T set de Varillas
1 x Kyosho 1:8 Off-Road Tire MFR with Foam (2u)
1 x Kyosho Subaru Impreza WRC 2006 Adhesives
1 x Kyosho Flat Head Hex(M3x10/10pcs)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 RWD McLaren 12C GT3 White RTR
1 x TOP Scythe Pressure Sponge for Dampers (5u)
1 x Kyosho F.H.Screw(M3x30, 32, 34, 35)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M3x8)
1 x KO Propo Aluminum Gear for RSx one10 Response
1 x Kyosho FW05 Ejes en Titanio Suspensión delanter superior
1 x Main Chassis (R4)(Kyosho)
1 x Team Durango DEX210 / DESC210 Gear diff outdrives
1 x C-Ring(C11)
1 x TOP Scythe Wide Height Spacer Set 0.5 mm & 1.0mm (Red)
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Rear Rims with HEX 12mm Black
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