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DBX VE 2.0 4WD READYSET EP TYPE2 (KT231P) [4548565311040]


DBX VE 2.0 4WD READYSET EP TYPE2 (KT231P) [4548565311040]

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Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 4WD Readyset with electric motor.
This chassis combines the advantages of the 1/10 scale with the performance of the buggies of the queen scale, 1/8. The DBX VE 2.0 comes equipped with the latest technology in radio control. The adjustment of some functions related to the control of the accelerator /brake (end point), as well as the direction (dual rate) are some of the functions included in the KT-231P station included in this Kit.

The linear response of the steering comes from the servo KS4031-06W, able to resist the bounces caused by the bumps of the off-road tracks. Its main characteristic is the power, the torque.

DBX VE 2.0 chassis mounts a painted body and ready to run and tires in fluorine yellow. The chassis includes many pieces in anodized aluminum in color gun metal, and is equipped with the combo of variator and motor brushless of the manufacturer Team Orion.

In addition, this buggy uses tires similar to those of buggies at 1/8 scale and also has a long wheelbase, a fact that has a positive effect on its stability.

What are the main characteristics of this Readyset set?

  • Combine the simplicity of the 1/10 chassis with the dynamic performance of the chassis 1/8.   
  • Numerous pieces made of anodized aluminum in Gun Metal color, contribute to give it a racing image.   
  • Compatible with a wide variety of rims and tires at 1/8 buggies.   
  • Includes a high torque servo, water resistant.   
  • Equipped with salvoservos system to protect the servo from impacts.   
  • Electronic version of the Orion VORTEX R10 Sports model with temperature or low voltage cut-off.   
  • Central transmission by axle, and bearings in each wheel of great hardness and rigidity.   
  • Precision adjustments of chassis height, camber, convergence angle, etc.   
  • Optimized transmission ratio for 1/8 size wheels.

    What does this Readyset include?

    • Chassis completely assembled and with the straps and trapezoids conveniently adjusted.   
    • Body finished, painted and decorated, cut, ready to be used.   
    • Syncro KT-231P station   
    • Team Orion brushless VORTEX 10 EVO installed   
    • Team Orion Vortex R10 Sports electronic drive   
    • Hexagonal wrench (Allen) 2.0, 2.5, 5.0mm   
    • Cross wrench

      Items not included in this Readyset

      • NiMh battery 7.2V / 8.4VNiMH or Lipo 2 / 3s (7.4v or 11.1v.   
      • Battery charger   
      • Alkaline batteries or batteries of type AA x4 for the transmitter.   
      • Maintenance tools (Philips tip screwdriver of different sizes)

        Technical specifications

        Length: 475mm

        Width: 300mm

        Height: 154mm

        Wheelbase: 320mm

        Tread (D / T): 246mm / 246mm

        Tire (D / T): & Phi; 115 x 45mm / & Phi; 115 x 45mm

        Transmission Ratio: 8.87: 1

        Primary transmission: 2.88 (46T / 16T)

        Secondary transmission: 3.08 (450T / 13T)

        Weight: 2,370g approx.

        Engine: Team ORION VORTEX 10 EVO


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