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1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 tank rubber bushings
1 x Kyosho HOR Bike Flywheel
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Brake Rotors (30mm/MP9)
1 x KYOSHO 6-8MM BALL SP (H-10.2) INFERNO MP9 (2)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 ANTI ROLL BAR FRONT KYOSHO MP9 2.8
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 2.4 rear stabilizer bar 2.4mm/1pc
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Front Calipers Rings
1 x Rear Center Universal Shaft(L=138/ST-R L(Kyosho)
3 x Kyosho Inferno ST bevel gear 43T
1 x Light Weight Universal Swing Shaft(Front Side/1pcs/ST-RR)(Kyosho
1 x Main Chassis(ST/Inferno GT2 / US Sports2 / IS001)(Kyosho)
1 x Spur Gear(48T)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST Rear Shock Support
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST diferential pinion 10T
1 x KO Propo BSx2 One10 Digital servo Low Profile
1 x GPM Differential Crown for Kyosho differential 42T (Balls 1/16")
1 x GPM metalic copper third gear pinion of Servo
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST front wing
1 x Protection for differential - Tamiya TRF415 (12 units)
1 x TOP Scythe Universal Dog Bone Ver. 2.0
1 x TOP Scythe Universal Shaft Set. Ver 3 (each 2 pcs)
1 x TOP Scythe Rear Suspension Pin (2u) (US Version)
1 x TOP Scythe Eva Bumper
1 x TOP Scythe King Pin Ball 4.3
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension Pin 3 x 42mm
1 x TOP Scythe Rear Damper Stay 3.3mm (U.S Version)
1 x TOP Scythe Cup Joint
2 x Aluminum Lock Nut 4mm (BLUE)
1 x TOP Scythe Wide Height Spacer Set 0.5 mm & 1.0mm (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension
1 x Kyosho Ultima RB5 Set buffer
1 x TOP Aluminium Universal Bone (Red)
1 x TOP Scythe - Racing Spring Set 22.5mm 14500-15650 (12)
1 x TOP Scythe Motor Plate
1 x Kyosho Damper Shafts 3x61mm
1 x TOP Scythe Battery Hodler Mount Post (Red)
1 x Kyosho Zaboon Main chassis (long)
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.75 Winding
1 x Al Rear Sus. Holder(RR/Gunmetal/RB5)(Kyosho)
1 x TOP Scythe Upper Plate 2.5mm
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Balance weight side
1 x KO Propo delrin Servo Gear Set (PDS-2502 ICS)
2 x Kyosho Zaboon central Palier
1 x TOP Scythe Carbon Suspension Arm Set
1 x TOP Scythe Turnbuckle 3 x 45
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 front 5mm spring
1 x Kyosho Zaboon front damper bracket
1 x Spec-R Mini Touring Car Setup Disc (4u)
1 x KO Propo Wire MT-1 for MiniZ
1 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x GPM Aluminium Rear Bar Toe-Out 0.3mm for MiniZ AWD 4x4 MA010
1 x GPM Frontal Shock Mount for Mini-Z Overland (Large size)
1 x Team Durango Shims 10x12x0.2mm (10u)
1 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2345
1 x GPM Main Gear on Delrin plastic material 60T for Team Losi
1 x KO Propo - BSx2 One10 Grasper Servo
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder Toe Out 0-2mm
1 x Kyosho Evolva SP Middle Belt 420
1 x Kyosho Fantom Rear Stabilizer Bar (2.6mm)
1 x V-One RRR Little Parts for Brake Mount
1 x Axial SCX10 Dingo Truck Body 0.40 Uncut (Clear) Body
1 x Kyosho Hard Ball Joint OD 5.8mm (3.0mm)
1 x Rear Tire 30* (2u)
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2511 ICS)
1 x GPM Aluminium Main Gear Adapter Plates for Team Losi
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-2mm LGC (-1.
1 x Kyosho Fantom SP Rear Suspension Holder 6mm
2 x Kyosho Evolva Rear Upper Arm
2 x Kyosho Evolva Brake Pad
1 x Kyosho Evolva V-RRR Evo Shock Case
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC -1.0mm
1 x Metalic rear-view mirror for MiniZ Overland
1 x TOP Scythe Upper Plate
1 x GPM Rear convergence Bar Toe-In 0.3 degree for MiniZ AWD 4x4 MA
1 x Kyosho Fantom Middle Belt 417
1 x Plate for Rear anti-roll bars S.720
2 x Kyosho Zaboon front damper
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 Battery plastic Set
1 x Kyosho Caliber 400 Tail Fin Set
1 x Hpi Baja 5B Led light With Battery Indicator set (White)
1 x Kyosho Fontom Fuel Tank Post(Blue)
2 x Kyosho Evolva & RRR Evo Small Parts Set
1 x ADR Mini Touring Lexan Body Shell (For 1/10 Mini Touring)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ F1 Steering Tie Rod +2gr Toe-In
1 x Kyosho Evolva Black Rear Spring Set (5.5-2.0) Black
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 Evo 2 speed clutch shoe set
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 Hard Flaged Balls OD 5.8mm
1 x Kyosho Evolva 05 Rear Suspension Shaft (39.5mm)
1 x Spec-R X Ray T3 Spur Gear Graphite Plate
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-0.6mm)
1 x Team Durango Innr Re Suspension Hinge Pin 52mm
1 x Kyosho HOR Bike Fork Bars
1 x Tamiya DB01 Aluminum C-Hub
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 Fuel Tank Post Set
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 rear suspension axles sup.
1 x Kyosho Fantom V-R Clutch Bell
1 x Kyosho Fantom Rear Wheel Shaft
1 x Kyosho Evolva Adjustable Rod (L=68)
1 x Kyosho Fantom Evolva Spring Catch
1 x Kyosho A-6 Intruder DF-55 Fuselage/MainWing/TailWing
1 x Kyosho Evolva 2005 2nd Spur Gear 44T
1 x KO PROPO RSx Setting Card
1 x Kyosho Inferno GT Rims BMW M3 GTR
1 x Kyosho Fantom 5.8mm Ball Screw
2 x ATM Aluminium Foot Rest for Kyosho Motorbike HOR 1:8
1 x Kyosho Fantom Front Spring (2.0)
1 x Kyosho Zaboon Front Arm
1 x Kyosho Inferno GT Rims Imprezza Gold
2 x Team Durango Hinge Pin: Front Suspension Inner (45mm 2pcs)
1 x GPM Rear convergence Bar Toe-Out 0.3 degree for MiniZ AWD 4x4 MA
1 x Kyosho Evolva Rear Shock 13mm
1 x Kyosho Fantom Pulley/Brake Adapter
1 x Axial XR10 Chassis Skid Plate and Battery Mount Set
1 x Kyosho Evolva Rear Suspension Holder (7mm)
1 x GPM Aluminium Differential Box for HPI Baja 5B
1 x Kyosho Evolva M3 Front Knuckle Arm
1 x GPM Rear Aluminium Rims Associated RC18T Blue
1 x Kyosho Rear Stabilizing Set KXW03
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Skeleton Chasis Set Clear Blue
1 x Mini-Z RWD SAUBER MERCEDES C9 No.63 LM 1989 (W-LM/KT531P)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Balls 6.8 mm, hard, H8.7 (2)
1 x Kyosho Inferno GP/ST Rims Yellow wide=56 (2u)
1 x Kyosho Fantom Rear Spring (1.7)
1 x Kyosho Inferno Wheel Stopper Set
1 x Team Durango desc410v2 / DEX410v3 Differential box
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 6.8mm Hard Spherical backed
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