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Chassis Mini-Z Racer to front-wheel drive (FWD) in Readyset format. Contains chassis MA03F, transmitter KT-531P and body of the Toyota Prius PHV Spirited Aqua Metallic.

This chassis, the MA03F, is the first vehicle in the Mini-Z range to operate with front-wheel drive. Combined with the bodies of real car models, all this is a great step for realism in the aesthetics and driving of these models.

In the design of this chassis Kyosho has achieved an optimal weight distribution. In addition, it uses the transmission and suspension system of the AWD models, in which its reliability and resistance stand out, and on the other hand it incorporates the steering servo of the MR03. Therefore, this chassis is characterized by great stability when driving in a straight line, as well as by a great control over the direction.

The transmitter (KT531P) that provides very precise control over the car is supplied with this chassis. The electronics mounted on the MA03F chassis is also newly designed, and guarantees a very linear response both in the gas /brake control and in regard to the steering.

For difficult driving situations, with little grip, we can connect a gyroscope (MZW431) to the electronics, which will help us to control the unwanted reactions of the car (this item is not included in this Readyset, it is sold separately) .

The Syncro KT-531P transmitter features Steering Trim, Gas / Brake Trim, Dual Direction Rate (travel adjustment) and LED light control. In addition, the steering wheel includes a foam ring for greater comfort. This station uses the FHSS system in 2.4GHz and is not compatible with any other standard Kyosho Mini-Z system, such as the 2.4GHz ASF / MHS / FHS.

Features of this Kyosho Mini-Z FWD Readyset

- It's the first Mini-Z chassis with front-wheel drive and front engine (located just behind the steering bar).
- New station Syncro KT-531P that offers all the necessary adjustments.
- New electronic board (receiver / electronic variator) that greatly improves the steering feel in the chassis.
- Highly detailed body ready to use.
- Includes complete set of bearings, specifically 14 units.
- Wheelbase adjustable in M ??(90mm), L (94mm) and LL (98mm).
- Compatible with the gyroscope (MZW431). Gyro gain can be adjusted from the chassis (can also be adjusted from the station if the transmitter KT-432PT sold separately is used).

Technical specifications of the chassis

- Length: 165.5mm
- Width: 70mm
- Height: 55.0mm
- Wheelbase: 98.0mm? LL?
- Name of the FWD chassis: MA-03F
- Offset narrow front rim: + 1.5mm (Rim for AWD)
- Offset narrow rear tire: + 1.5mm (Rim for AWD)
- Issuer included: Syncro KT-531P

Contents of the readyset:

- MA03F chassis mounted ready to run
- Body painted and assembled from the factory, ready to be used.
- 2.4GHz Perfex KT-531P transmitter
- Motor sprockets for the transmission 15T, 17T, 19T, 21T
- Transmission crowns: 27T, 29T, 31T
- Tool to extract motor sprockets
- Spare wheel nuts
- Tool to link the electronics with the station
- Rubber tires and tires
- Mini traffic cones

It is required for its start-up:

- 4x AAA batteries for the chassis. We recommend the TRP Scale model RP900 or RP747.
- 4x AAA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.


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