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Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Purple Galaxy (5gr) [PFX1208-5G-P]

Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Purple Galaxy (5gr)Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Purple Galaxy (5gr)

Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Purple Galaxy (5gr) [PFX1208-5G-P]

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Pigment manufactured by ProFx , in Spectral Midnight Purple Galaxy , in 5g. packaging

Profx pigments offer a wide range of sparkles and bright sparks, to make color changes in a consistent and very stable (UV). The colors and effects created from the pigments are based on the principles of reflection and refraction of light through the pigment structure, so it will not fade over time.

This pigment will produce reflections and subtle changes of color that will highlight the final finish, which you will not be able to achieve with the standard colors.

To achieve the best possible result, we recommend working layer by layer. First we must spray the base color, which can be any color of the range Plasti Dip protective rubber, basic colors.

Second, we will apply a subtle layer of ProFX pigment. We will mix the pigment with transparent Plasti Dip. By altering the amount of pigment mixed with Transparent (clear) Plasti Dip, we will subtly change the resulting final color.

Our recommendation is to work with low concentrations of pigment, that is, from 5gr to 25gr for each gallon (1 gallon = 3.7 liters) of transparent Plasti Dip.

When we work with a lower proportion of pigment (5gr.) we obtain the highest light dispersion in the pigments, and therefore we reach the maximum improvement or change in the finish . Low levels of pigment highlight the effect and give maximum brightness. High levels of pigment (in the mix with Transparent Plasti Dip) offer us more saturated colors and a satin finish.

If we want a much brighter finish, in addition to using little pigment in the mix, we can give a final layer of Plasti dip effect Brillo.

It is essential to work meticulously, throughout the painting process and specifically in the realization of mixtures and in the weighing of the pigment (packed in 5gr bags that facilitate us in Greatly work).

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