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Plastidip 3 Sprays Matt Black + Microfi (Special Tire 15)[11203-3]

Plastidip 3 Sprays Matt Black + Microfi (Special Tire 15)

Plastidip 3 Sprays Matt Black + Microfi (Special Tire 15)[11203-3]

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Set of 3 matt black Plasti Dip paint cans. This pack is designed for the painting of car rims provided they are small or di. For tires over 15 inches we recommend using 4 cans of Plasti Dip paint. We include in this pack a microfiber cloth specially recommended to clean both the rims and the body and the interior of the car.

Plasti Dip paint, also called "soft rubber", is water resistant, and is used to coat objects while protecting them from inclement weather (water), from UV rays, or simply to change its color and its aesthetics.

Once dry it remains flexible and completely odorless.

Plasti Dip soft rubber creates a very useful rubber protective layer for sealing, damping and framing. It is also used as an anti-slip product. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas as it withstands extreme temperatures, from -34 ° C to 93 ° C. It is also resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, oils, as well as as a lot of chemical agents.

Plasti Dip paint isolates from electricity, acting as an insulating tape or a heat-shrinkable sleeve.

It does not contain silicone and once dry, it can be easily removed by pulling it like an adhesive.

Especially adherent to metals, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, wool, stones, glass or carbon fibers, etc. To increase its adhesion we can use the specially designed primer product for the Plasti Dip rubber.

How to use:

The surface to be protected, in this case the tires of a car, must be dry, clean and free of substances that hinder its adhesion.

Before opening the bottle and spraying the product, shake gently. We must let it rest a few minutes to avoid air bubbles.

We must apply several layers of paint, leaving a minimum drying time of about 15 minutes between each layer.

Technical information:

Stable at temperatures between -34 ° C and 93 ° C.
Best application temperature, around 20 ° C.
Minimum contact drying time. 5 min approx.
Complete drying time: 1 hour, depending on the thickness and the number of layers applied (ideal of 4-6 layers).
The manufacturer recommends giving 0.2mm thick layers, which will require more or less 150gr of product per m2.

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