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PR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WD[4713106810232]

PR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WDPR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WDPR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WDPR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WD

PR Racing PRS1 Buggy KIT 1:10 2WD[4713106810232]

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PR Racing S1 V3 MM 2wd Off-Road Electric 1/10th Scale Pro Racing Buggy is the updated V3 chassis with new standup 3 gear transmission utilizing a ball differential or available fluid filled gear differential for higher traction racing surfaces. Includes new Type-B suspension arms, aluminum front and rear wheel hexes, pro carbon steering blocks and bleeder shock cap set. Also includes revised front and rear carbon fiber shock towers, 12.75mm big bore shocks featuring long stroke gold shock shafts, updated red anodized aluminum pre-load collars and redesigned lower spring retainers which allows use of most 12mm shock springs currently available on the market.

T6 Aircraft Aluminum Chassis:

The PR S1 V3 MM features a new 3mm T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Chassis precision cut by state of the art CNC machines with fully countersunk screws offering a smooth snag free surface during hard cornering or landings. New chassis design accepts shorty, saddle or square pack lipo packs. 25 degree kick up and hard anodized coating further improves handling and provides a works appearance.

Adjustable Differential and Slipper Clutch:

The PR S1 V3 MM is outfitted with a ball differential ideal for US style tracks with an optional gear differential available for use on higher grip racing surfaces while the slipper clutch adapts to constantly changing track conditions.

Weight Balance and Battery Layout:

The PR S1 V3 MM is configured as a dedicated mid-motor design utilizing a standup 3 gear transmission to provide increased rear traction. The chassis is suitable for either vertical or horizontal battery configurations ideal for modern shorty style LiPo pack mounting to provide unparalleled corner speed. Correcting altitude in midair is easily accomplished, as the buggy flies straight and level while the alloy chassis is very forgiving of less than perfect landings.

12.75mm Big Bore Shocks:

The shocks on the PR S1 V3 MM include hard anodized aluminum threaded shock bodies, bleeder style shock caps and aluminum lower shock cartridge caps which are further complimented by gold Ti-Ni coated long stroke shock shafts to provide increased dampening and smooth fluid suspension action. Large diameter worlds edition pistons are securely held in place by a lock-nut directly to the 3mm shock shafts while various optional spring and pistons types are available for further fine tuning.

Carbon Fiber Shock Towers:

The PR S1 V3 MM incorporates high quality carbon fiber shock towers with multiple upper shock and camber mounting locations to suit a wide range of track conditions.

Front and Rear Suspension

The PR S1 V3 MM includes revised Type-B composite a-arms mated to aluminum suspension mounts. Rear pivot ball style aluminum suspension mounts provide smooth accurate movement throughout the entire range of suspension travel while a full array of optional aluminum and brass weighted mounts are available separately.

CVD Drive Shafts:

The PR S1 V3 MM rear CV axles are large in diameter and feature over-sized ball bearing captured drive pins, increasing durability of the drive train.

Current Style Lexan Body:

The PR S1 V3 MM includes a cab-forward body to generate increased down force while providing a distinctly modern design.

Width? 250mm
Length? 411mm
Height? 145mm (with wing)
Wheelbase? 285mm
Front Track? 248mm
Rear Track? 248mm
Weight: 1580g (approx)
Gear Ratio: 2.6:1


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