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This machine has a sense of power even before you drive it. 630mm long, its big 1/7 scale size has a presence beyond its model framework that generates unparalleled excitement when it kicks into gear to exceed all performance expectations. This advanced racing weapon is also able to dominate off-road courses as well with reliable power and the sure-footed suspension of a large machine that provides confidence in landing over big jumps. This is not just a machine that blasts around buggy tracks; it lets you taste the pure essence of off-road enjoyment. The Scorpion XXL comes as a Readyset and also in unassembled kit form for those who enjoy building their own. However, the compatible design is ready to be fitted with either electric motor (VE) or a gas engine (GP) and includes all parts needed for both. It can also be converted from one to the other afterwards! Each power source has its unique characteristics to be experienced and enjoyed. All you need is the R/C system, power source (electric motor or gas engine), battery and accessories or fuel and starting tools. In addition, the kit includes a range of performance parts that were previously optional such as universal swing shafts, high grip SXT-003 and SXT-004 tires, high-strength steel spur gear that boost performance and fun even more. A special spare parts pack made from limited edition neon blue color resin is included. For example, in addition to the standard black wheels, blue wheels are also included. This adds a stylish color coordinated dimension to the sharp racing performance unique to this 1/7 racing buggy. - The formidable presence of BIG 1/7 size with dynamic performance! - New Compatible Kit lets you enjoy the benefits of both VE and GP! - Includes brushless motor mount and Li-Po battery holder as well as engine mount, clutch and fuel tank etc. - Features hex type screws for secure assembly and sharp looks too. - Tough resin shock stays. Supports smooth movement of suspension. - Dummy fog lamps can be fitted on to resin roll bar and on roof. - Inferno MP9 rear wing can be installed (requires wing modification/optional) High grip SXT-003 and SXT-004 tires are included as standard. Both standard black wheels and blue neon color wheels are included. Optional universal swing shaft is included as standard. Allows uninhibited suspension movement and prevents shafts from coming loose. Equipped with large capacity adjustable slipper clutch Includes optional steel spur gear as standard. Heavy Duty Aluminum steering servo horn included. Large 3D-shaped air intakes are installed on the sides of the body, directing cooling air over the motor and ESC to keep running temperatures cool and power output at maximum! (VE) The in-line layout of the RC system including motor and battery adds increased agility for a larger scale model. The battery tray, with unique adjustable sliders, is compatible with various Orion batteries in the 2-4S range. (VE) Features cutoff switch that stops engine easily. Combines with easy-start engine to make it easier for first-time users of GP models. (GP) Large slipper clutch installed. Protects drive train from the excessive shock. Minimizes wheel spin. Datos técnicos: - Length 630mm - Width 402mm - Height 244mm - Wheelbase 452mm - Tread (F/R) 353 / 331mm - Tire(F/R) ?130×43mm / ?140×71mm - Gear Ratio 16.0?1 - Weight 4000g approx.?with body?both VE & GP? - Motor: Brushless Motor?recommended?Orion Vortex 7? - Engine: 28 Class?recommended?XXL28 engine?

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