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1 x Bateria Team Orion Carbon 14.8V 4S 40C 5100 Mamp
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Autoscale Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
1 x Mini-Z MR03 EVO - Piezas pequeñas chasis
9 x KO Propo - BSx2 One10 Grasper Servo
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Autoscale Honda Civic Type R para pintar
1 x KO Propo Electrical Switch 3
1 x Machine Cut Delrin Spur Gear Adapter (F104)(PN Racing)
1 x Spatula or soft scraper to apply vinyl
5 x Losi Micro T - Caster Block
1 x Losi Micro T - Rear Stainless Shaft
6 x KO Propo BSx2 Power Servo Composite Box
4 x KO Propo Servo Horn en carbono y aluminio (20mm)
2 x KO Propo Aluminum Gear for RSx one10 Response
4 x Normal Servo Plug to 1.5 JST mini Converter (1 pcs)
6 x Kyosho Servo Gear Set (KS-3 DS)
6 x KO Propo Servo PDS-2502 ICS (8.3 Kg - 0.15sec)
7 x Servo KoPropo RSx3 Response Hard Case (14.5Kg-75.6Kg)(0.06sec-0.
3 x KO Propo Carbon Servo Horn
2 x KoPropo RSx2 Caja de servo superior
6 x KoPropo 35029 Upper Case for RSx one10 Servo
2 x KOPropo Cable extension Servo 150mm
2 x KO PROPO Aluminum Gear Set For RSx Power
2 x KO Propo RSx Aluminum Upper Case
3 x Kyosho KS1401 (Fazer) Servo Gear
3 x Kyosho Flange Open Bearing (4x8x2) 2Pcs
1 x Kyosho Shield Bearing(8x12x3.5)2Pcs.
1 x Losi micro T - Frontal Damper Mount
3 x KO Propo RSx-12 Servo
1 x Kyosho Crawler Rock Force Upper Link Mount Set
10 x Atomic AMR | Shaft & Small Pin Set
3 x KOPropo Servo BSx3-one10 Response (0.08sec/60 13.3Kg)
4 x GLA 7075-T6 Universal shaft set (8.0)
3 x Kyosho MiniZ Buggy Balls and differential plates
1 x GLA 7075 Alum. Toe in block 3.5*
1 x drift tire rim for 1 10 scale cars offset 3 camber 0
1 x Alum. 7075 Central Shaft (GLA)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RR 2-Speed Clutch Tool(0.8M V-One RR Evo FW.
1 x GLA Bearing Kit set
1 x GiroZ Transponder 18
2 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x DR005BK Propeller Set (Black)(Kyosho)
1 x Bearing Set(MINI-Z Moto/4pcs.)(Kyosho)
1 x KO Propo Aluminum Gear Set for RSx Response
1 x Kyosho GXR18 Piston Pin
1 x Kyosho Jet Mirage Canopy
1 x Kyosho V-One-RR 64 Ti/Middle Shaft (R/RR).
1 x Kyosho Crawler Rock Force Lower Link
1 x Galgas de carbono para medir el camber desde 2 a 3.5
1 x 0.8 Mini Body clip with Oring set -10pcs
1 x Kyosho V-One RR Evo Servo Saver Nut
1 x Kyosho Crawler Rock Force Drive Shaft Set (L and S)
2 x Kyosho KS-20 Servo Gear Set 1gr
1 x Kyosho Drone Racer Protectores de Helices
1 x GiroZ Transponder 10
1 x GLA 7075 Alum. Toe in block 2.5*
1 x Servo Horn Set(Kyosho)
2 x GLR Long File Spur Gear Pitch 64 and 53T
1 x Galgas de carbono para medir el camber desde 0 a 1.5
1 x Kyosho V-One Eje cambio a 2a Velocidad
2 x GLR Motor Pinion Pitch 64 and 14T
1 x GLR Pitch64 Long Life Spur Gear 51T
1 x Losi micro T - Rear Damper Mount
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy Type Z Front Tire 20 Degree
1 x Wheel Set (OPTIMA)(Kyosho)
1 x drift tire rim for 1 10 scale cars offset 3 camber 3
2 x EasyLap Transponder IR Personal (Sistema Robi) MiniZ
1 x Tóricas de difencial de silicona
1 x GLR Motor Pinion Pitch 64 and 12T
1 x Herramientas de setup de down-stops para miniz
1 x Drift Sticker for 1/10 scale (green)
1 x GLR Carbon Central Upper Deck
2 x Cables de motor brushless silicona azul amarillo y naranja
2 x drift tire rim for 1 10 scale cars offset 3 camber 0
2 x Clips de carrocería para miniz 10 unidades
3 x Conical Screws M2x4 head Philips (10uds)
1 x Arandelas de calibración 4.1mm x 5.5mm (espesores de 0.05)
1 x Cables de motor silicona negro y rojo
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Lit Servo Saver Assembly
1 x Cables de motor brushless silicona azul negro y amarillo
1 x GL Racing 2 * steering knuckles for the GLR
1 x GLR Long Life Spur Gear Pich 64 and 54T
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Lit Gear Set
1 x GLR Spur Gear Pitch 64 and 52T Long Life
2 x Axial Dingo Truck Body (Clear) for scx10
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Muelles Spring Set for Front Dampers
1 x MR03 Frontal Springs for MiniZ MR03 of Kyosho
1 x Team Durango Shims 10x12x0.2mm (10u)
2 x Axial SCX10 Dingo Truck Body 0.40 Uncut (Clear) Body
3 x Brushless Motor Analyzer de SkyRC
1 x GL Racing 3 * steering knuckles for the GLR
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Differential Box
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher pinion
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Brake Hub Joint
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Output Shaft
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Input Shaft
2 x Traxxas Mini Slash Aluminium Completed Tie Rod Set
1 x 64 Pitch Machine Cut Delrin Limited Slip Spur Gear 96T(PN Racing
2 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Swing Shaft(62mm)1Pcs
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Brake Cam Shaft Set
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Suspension Arm.
1 x Crystal Screen Guard for SPEKTRUM DX3R
1 x KO Propo Spare steering shaft for EX10 Eurus transmitter
1 x 74025-12 startup strings for GXR28
2 x Axial SCX10 Rubicon Roof (AX90028/AX04033/AX04035)
1 x GPM metalic copper third gear pinion of Servo
1 x PN Racing MiniZ Alloy Pinion 126P 19T
1 x GLA Shock Collar set (BLUE) - 4pcs
1 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2501/02/11/12 ICS
3 x KO Propo delrin Servo Gear Set (PDS-2501 ICS)
1 x 64 Pitch Machine Cut Delrin Limited Slip Spur Gear 80T(PN Racing
1 x Kyosho KS-302 Servo Gear Set.
1 x Galga e medida para neumático en carbono desde 22.4 a 23.4
1 x Carbon Body Mounting Plate (for F458)(RC Atomic)
1 x KO Propo Light-Weight Screws Set on Aluminium for extension
1 x Kyosho TF5 Universal Swing Shaft 40mm Aluminum 7075
1 x Syncro EX-6R(Kyosho)
2 x KO PROPO RSx Setting Card
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2345 ICS)
1 x SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)
1 x Kyosho TF5 MT Swing Shaft
1 x PR Racing Llave de rueda de 5.5mm
1 x Axial XR10 Machined 48P 12T Gear
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Low Profile Wide Wheel White Rims Rear 6 Spokes
1 x Kyosho SuperTen Main Shaft
4 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2511 ICS)
1 x Ko Propo charge and discharge cord and connector for TX NiCad ba
1 x Atomic AMZ Option Camber Arm Set (-1.5*,-2*,-2.5*)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Gear Box (TR15/FW4)
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher Suspension Pin Set
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2512 ICS)
1 x Kyosho Super Ten Corona 37T Spur Gear(37T)
1 x Ko Propo charge cord for Ko/Sanwa/Futaba Transmitter
1 x AMZ Full Ball Bearing Set(RC Atomic)
1 x GPM Aluminium Main Shaft for Xmod Touring 80.40mm
1 x Spec-R X Ray T3 Spur Gear Graphite Plate
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder LGC (-0.6mm)
1 x KO Propo Screw Set Alu EX-1 KIY
1 x Steering Wheel for IA Emissor Perfect KT 2.4Mhz (Silver colour)
1 x Kyosho TF5 Universal Swing Shaft 43mm Aluminum 7075
1 x Kyosho Caliber EP400 Tail Boom
1 x GPM Lateral Bars for rooftrack of MiniZ Overland Land Cruiser
1 x NT1 Aluminium Rear Bulk Cover
1 x GiroZ Transponder 21
1 x Kyosho Super Eight Wheels Silver Rims 6 spokes HEX 18mm
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Steering Tie Rod Toe-Out 2 deg
1 x Kyosho DF55/F-16 fan adapter
1 x Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Front tire Hard
1 x TOP Scythe - Axle Shaft Ver.2
1 x LZ Mini Touring Lexan Body Shell (For 1/10 Mini Touring)
1 x MiniZ MR03 / MR02 Front Offset +2 Wheels (White)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Sttering Tie Rod Toe-In 1deg
1 x Short Course PR Racing SC-201 kit de manguetas y portamanguetas
1 x Kyosho Giga Crusher 3-speed Gear Box
1 x AND Motor Heat Sink (300/380)
1 x PN Wheels MiniZ MR02 20mm CNC
1 x R246 Frontal Bumper L21mm for MiniZ MR02/Mr03
1 x LMN Towerbar SET (3 Upper 3 Lower) for Kyosho dNaNo
1 x MiniZ MR03 MR02 Double A-Arm lower Set
1 x GiroZ Transponder 15
1 x PN Racing MiniZ Rim 2wd (F+2) Fluor Yellow 10 Rays
1 x Oiled Ball Bearing 5x10x4 (4 pcs)
2 x KOPropo Gatillo Multiangulo para Expert grip 2
3 x Bearings (12x28x7mm) 16001ZZ
5 x KO Propo Servo Horn en carbono y aluminio (16.5mm)
1 x Axial XR10 Chassis Skid Plate and Battery Mount Set
2 x KO Propo BSx2 Response Servo Composite Box
2 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2367/68/86 ICS Metal brush
2 x KO Propo servo case for PDS-2345
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z MC-01 Screw Set(Kyosho)
1 x AMR Alu. Servo Horn (for Servo # AMZ-OP024-MG)(RC Atomic)
1 x Ko Propo servo case for PDS-2367/68/86
1 x Tamiya 416 Spring Steel Shaft 46mm
1 x Kyosho 1/18 Drobe Racer G-ZERO Dynamic White Readyset(Kyosho)
1 x KYOSHO Super Ten 11mm PILLOW BALL
1 x Aluminum Lock Nut 4mm (BLUE)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Barra direccion A-Arm 2.0gr
1 x  Kyosho SuperTen Pinion Gear L(14T)
1 x Kyosho V-One Bumper frontal
1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm Holder 0-2mm LGC (-0.
1 x drift tire rim for 1 10 scale cars offset 3 camber 2
1 x  Kysoho V-One R Fly Wheel(for R)
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