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SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)[SZ-KITESC]

SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)

SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (Non-servo, non-motor)[SZ-KITESC]


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Competition chassis model SZ, 1/28 scale, with 4 wheel drive, manufactured by Ground Zero in collaboration with Atomic Racing. This kit to assemble includes electronic variator.

¿What are the main features of this chassis?

This chassis contains elements made of carbon fiber, aluminum and composite plastic. The transmission to the 4 wheels is done by central transmission shaft.

The SZ chassis uses a ball differential located in the chassis in a very low position, achieving the lowest center of gravity among all the AWD chassis on the market. The differential is the element with the greatest gyroscopic effect when the car is on the road. in motion.

The transmission shaft is not perfectly centered in the chassis, if not it is positioned at 1.5mm to the right side, fact that allows to move the engine (one of the most heavy elements of the chassis) to the center of the chassis. The result is a chassis with great stability and a very fast cornering speed.

The central transmission vessels are manufactured in Delrin, which is a flexible material and offers a very good absorption of impacts, which protects other components when blows occur.

Of course, the chassis has many nice adjustments that we can also make very easy. Changes in the settings of, for example, the Roll center, the Rear Anti-Squat, the Pro-Squat, the Camber (fall) angle.

The differential boxes are completely sealed to prevent the entry of dust or rubber debris (essential when used on RCP Tracks). The remains of rubber or dirt negatively affect the differentials, preventing them from working smoothly.

To proceed with the adjustment of the hardness of the differentials, the transmission boxes have a small hole that facilitates this operation by easily accessing the differential.

Regarding the Camber angle, we can adjust both the front axle and the rear axle (in the case of the front axle, we must change the upper trapezoid)
For the adjustment of the front Caster angle (increases the cornering speed and stability when accelerating) we must also use the optional front upper trapezoid.

By modifying the anchor of the upper rear strap we can modify the Roll Center as well as the Camber Gain (progressive fall).

The transmission system in which a segmented shaft and the floating transmission box is used is of great help to minimize the "Torque Twist" effect. which generates the transmission axis itself when turning.

Optional long-stroke shock absorbers are available for low traction tracks.

¿What items are necessary and are not included in this kit?

This SZ chassis kit is supplied completely disassembled. The chassis is complete at the mechanical level, and only includes, as an electronic element, the EV motor variator (compatible Hobbywing). Therefore, to complete the assembly and to be able to use the chassis, we will need:

- A brushless motor (VE) for Mini-Z. Any engine of the whole range available for the Kyosho Mini-Z VE, manufactured by Atomic, by PN Racing or by GL Racing, are valid for this chassis.

- Steering servo. Recommended the model with ref. BZ-UP017.
- LiPo battery, 7.4v, 2S, 360mAh. We recommend the model with ref.AMZ020-360.
- Cable for battery charging. Model ref. AMZ021
- Body for Mini-Z (1/28) 98mm wheelbase.
- Set of wheels for AWD chassis with the id Offset for the body we use.
- 2ch transmitter with small size receiver.

In case we want to use a station with 2.4ghz ASF frequency (the one used by Kyosho Mini-Z of 2.4ghz), we recommend using the ASF frequency micro-receiver manufactured by GoGoLap with ref. GP0003P.

To program the functions of the electronic inverter, we recommend using the programming card with reference AMZ-OPC.


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