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Los especialistas del MiniZ del radiocontrol

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Espanol English Aleman Catala Frances
2 x Kyosho Inferno VE Reinforcement Cell
1 x KO Tamiya Wheel adapter for KO Transmitter
5 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 Long Spring L(Soft/Green)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Center Diff Mount (MP9)
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Wheel Yellow
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 IF467 Long King Pin (MP9)
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 brake cam set
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Connection block kardan # (2)
9 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Crown 48T
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Wheel Black
1 x Kyosho Porsche 959 Center Differential Support (Vintage)
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Anti Roll Bar Front 2.6mm
2 x Llantas Delanteras 2.2 Turbo Scorpion 2014
8 x Llantas Traseras 2.2 Turbo Scorpion 2014
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 2.4 rear stabilizer bar 2.4mm/1pc
3 x Kyosho Beetle 1:10 Legendary Series (Kit)
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 Pilot Shaft
5 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 Long Spring L(Hard/White)
3 x Kyosho Inferno NEO Colector (Neo Race Spec)
1 x Kyosho Inferno NEo Wheel nuts
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 Shock Shaft(L=66)
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 6.8mm Hard Spherical backed
4 x KYOSHO Inferno MP9 FRONT SWAY BAR (2.3mm)
1 x Kyosho Porsche 959 Cup Joint (Vintage)
1 x Kyosho Turbo Inferno/Super Eight SHAFT 2.6mm x16mm
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Center Diff Plate
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Belt Guide Washer(Short)
3 x KYOSHO 6-8MM BALL SP (H-10.2) INFERNO MP9 (2)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 2.8 rear stabilizer bar
3 x Team Durango DESC410v2 front shaft 97mm
3 x  Kyosho Inferno MP777 Long Spring S(Medium/Blue)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Rear Lower Suspension Holder
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Brake lining
1 x Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Front tire Medium
1 x Kyosho Turbo Scorpion 1:10 Legendary Series
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Diff bevel shaft (2pcs/MP9)
1 x Kyosho Porsche 959 Steering Knuckles (vintage)
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Battery Mounting front
2 x Kyosho Turbo Burns Clutch Bell (11T)
1 x Team Durango Front Brass Nose Weight 15gr
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 CV driveshafts L = 91
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 rear sway bar
10 x Kyosho base de trabajo en aluminio (negro) para chasis 1/10
1 x Kyosho Porsche 959 Diferential Pinion (Vintage)
2 x Team Durango DESC210 drive shafts 96mm
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 White Rims
4 x Team Durango Big Bore Shock body 23mm Stroke
2 x Kyosho HOR Bike Flywheel
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 long springs (17-1.6/L=98mm)
3 x Kyosho Tomahawk 1:10 Legendary Series (Kit)
2 x Kyosho Turbo Burns Wheel Stop Bolt
1 x Kyosho seat IF462H hard ball with 5.8mm (2pcs/MP9)
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 2.5mm Front stabilizer bar
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Stiffener plate center
1 x Kyosho HOR Bike Frame and plastic accessories HONDA
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Page tub Kyosho IF-449
1 x Losi micro T - Frontal Damper Mount
3 x Losi micro T - Rear Damper Mount
3 x Losi Micro T - Caster Block
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Sure Ted Big TKI2 damper cap
1 x Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Front tire Hard
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Steering plate
2 x Kyosho inferno MP9 Differential TCD
2 x Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Shaft Set(Kyosho)
2 x Kyosho Miniz Moto Racer Tapa basculante trasero (Honda RC212V)
2 x Kyosho RHST Screw(M3x15,16,18,20)
2 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Evo Rear adjustable stabilizer bar
6 x Knuckle Ball Joint Heads 2.5mm(+0.6)
4 x Kyosho V-One-RRR aluminum pulley 21T
9 x Kyosho V-One-RRR 1st Gear(0.8M/23T)(for RRR&FW05)
6 x Atomic AMR Rear Bulkhead Set
10 x Star Kyosho Tapered Screw (M4x20)
9 x Kyosho TR15 MT Upper Rod Set (Monster)
9 x Team Orion Crankshaft (Motor:X312T)
1 x Kyosho Circlip E 6.0
2 x Kyosho Inferno GP/ST Rims White wide=56 (2u)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Brake Rotors (30mm/MP9)
1 x Team Durango DEX408 TURNBUCKLE M5x48MM ALUMINIUM (2pcs) (DNX408v
1 x Electronics for MiniZ F1
4 x BZ2017 Rear Upper Bulkhead (1 pari)(RC Atomic)
4 x Cables de motor silicona negro y rojo
7 x Kyosho Tracker/Land/ST/Rav Rims (2 front + 2 rear) (Hex 12mm)
5 x 0.8 Mini Body clip with Oring set -10pcs
7 x Kyosho Tapered Star Plate Screws (M2.6x6)
3 x Kyosho Washers (M2.6x7x0.5)
3 x Kysoho Star Button Screws (M3x12)
2 x Kyosho Inferno Turbo Front Hub
6 x Kyosho Allen bar (M3x12)
3 x Kyosho HOR Bike Fork Bars
3 x Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Front Suspension (Black)(Kyosho)
2 x Atomic BZ Upper Bulkhead (+0mm) 1 pair
3 x team durango front belt 173t
1 x GPM Carbon fiber subchassis for Team Losi
2 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Shock Spring Set
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M3x30)
3 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M4x15)
2 x Kyosho screws (M3x22) (M3x24) (M3x26) (M3x28) Star
7 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Evo 2 Pinion 23T 0.8M 2nd
3 x Kyosho IF447 mechanical plate (Gunmetal / MP9)
1 x  Kyosho One Way & Shaft Set
3 x TOP Scythe main Mount 2.5mm Version II
10 x PR Racing Llave de rueda de 5.5mm
2 x Kyosho M3X15mm Self-Tapping Bind Screw (10)
2 x Kyosho V-One RRR hardware gear (0.8M/17T/RRR Evo/SR)
1 x Drive Belt 384 (RRR)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno FET Heat Sink Set
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 speed gear holder 2
13 x Aluminum Lock Nut 4mm (BLUE)
3 x Atomic BZ Top Carbon Deck for 90mm
1 x Kyosho GX40 Miffler Gasket Set
2 x Kyosho Mini Inferno ST Rear Shock Shaft Set
1 x Kyosho GT-15 Needle Valve Holder
1 x Kyosho V One - RRR 5mm spacer posts
1 x Kyosho Motor GXR28-SG Crank Case
1 x GLA O-Ring Set
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.50 Winding
3 x Kyosho Star Tapered Titanium Screws (M3x12)
1 x Kyosho V-One Front Spring(2.5-1.7)
1 x Sirio S09 Main Needle O-Ring
1 x TOP Scythe Racing Spring 1.4x5.50 22.5mm 196g
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Takata NSX Adhesives
1 x kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer guardabarros delantero y trasero Ducati
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x10)
1 x Kyosho Inferno BS85 Counter Gear Shaft
1 x TOP Scythe Turnbuckle 3 x 45
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Nuts with 4.8mm ball
1 x Short Course PR Racing SC-201 Trapecios delantero / trasero
1 x Jamara X-Flash Quadcopter (2.4Ghz)
1 x Brushless Motor Analyzer de SkyRC
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 servo saver post
1 x Kyosho Titanium Star Button Screws (M3x8)
1 x Team Durango Distance Shim 5x7x0.2 (10u)
1 x Kyosho TR15 Steel Drive Washers 3mm (4u)
1 x Atomic AMZ ESC Setting Program Card
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Titanium Coating Shock Sh. 30mm
12 x Team Durango Shims 10x12x0.2mm (10u)
1 x KO Propo RSx-12 Servo
1 x Kyosho Bearings (10x19x5mm)
1 x axial exo rubber rear radial tires (40g) with tire insert
1 x Kyosho TR15 Universal Swing Shaft 6mm Type
1 x 5.8x6.4mm Pivot Ball (8pcs) for Mini-Inferno
1 x Team Kyosho V-One-S Active Diff Set(For V-One)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Wide Slick Tire High Grip
1 x TOP Scythe Pressure Sponge for Dampers (5u)
1 x Kyosho Silicone O-Ring(P4.5/O/Slim)15Pcs.
1 x TOP Low Profile Front Damper Stay 3.5mm
1 x TOP Scythe Stabilizer Ball
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Balance weight side
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Differential Pulley
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten (GP) Disk Brake Holder
1 x Kyosho Star Button Screws (M3x16)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha body accesory
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Gear Before
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x22)
1 x GLA 7075 Alum. Toe in block 2.5*
1 x Kyosho TF5 Rear Shock Stay
1 x 64 Pitch Machine Cut Delrin Limited Slip Spur Gear 78T(PN Racing
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Alpha Clutch Spring SS.
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 front aluminum stiffener
1 x Kyosho V-One R4-Carbon Battery Support
1 x Short Course PR Racing SC-201 Hexágonos aluminio 12mm
1 x Kyosho DBX Center Differential Shaft
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Balls 6.8 mm, hard, H8.7 (2)
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR SP front spool shaft (S3/RRR Evo)
1 x Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Cobalt (5gr)
2 x Kyosho Pure ten EP 2 Servo Mount
1 x Kyosho V-One Rear Stabilizer Set (V-One-R)
1 x Kyosho Jet Illusion DF Propeller
1 x Team Kyosho V-One Power Universal Swingshaf
2 x Kyosho Pure ten Gear Holder
1 x Kyosho F1 1:10 Rims Front and Rear Set Black
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Brake disc
1 x Kyosho Half Inferno Bearing Set(4x8x3/8Pcs)
1 x Kyosho FW05RR Swing Shaft (60mm) (FW05T)
1 x Team Kyosho V-One-S Aluminum Drive Puller 32T
1 x TOP Aluminium Universal Bone (Red)
1 x Kyosho 1:8 EP Moto Tank and Rear Cowl Vintage
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR Front Knuckle Arm(Kingpin angle 1゚ RRR)
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Alpha 2x9 Pin
1 x Kyosho GP Spider Chasis superior
1 x GLA Carbon X Plate (R)
1 x Kyosho Motor GZ15 Main Needle Set
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno ST Set Screw & Servo Horn Screw Set
1 x Kyosho V-One-S PC Pinion Gear22T 2Speed
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 front spring (9-1.6 / L = 70)
3 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 clips for servo saver (2)
1 x Traxxas Slash 4x4 Front CHUB
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Spider GP 10 MKII KX Suspension Shaft
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 rear swing shaft (L=56mm)
1 x Kyosho Molded Inner Foam MN (20shore)
1 x Team Durango Rear Big Bore Shock Body
1 x EasyLap Transponder IR Personal (Sistema Robi) MiniZ
1 x KO PROPO Servo RSx One10 Response
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Rings Holder Alu Rear Flares
3 x Kyosho MFR Monster bumper (front/rear)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Palier central (F:90mm /R:109mm)
1 x Kyosho Fazer Kobra EP R Main Drive Shaft
1 x BZ2017 Rear Lower Bulkhead (1 pair)(RC Atomic)
1 x Galga setup altura chasis miniz en pasos de 0.1mm
1 x TOP Scythe Carbon Suspension Arm Set
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 Front Lower Suspension Holder
1 x KoPropo 35029 Upper Case for RSx one10 Servo
1 x GLR Motor Pinion Pitch 64 and 12T
1 x Team Durango desc410v2 / DEX410v3 Differential box
1 x Thrust ball and diff. plate set
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Evo 3D Racing clutch shoe
1 x Kyosho V-One-S PC Pinion Gear19T 2Speed
1 x Carbon body post set (for GLA-035)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten (EP 2) Rear Upper Deck
2 x Traxxas Mini Slash Aluminium Completed Tie Rod Set
1 x KO PROPO Aluminum Gear Set For RSx Power
1 x Kyosho FW05 Small Parts Set
1 x Team Kyosho Aluminium Drive Pulley 25T
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 SUSPENSION ARM SET
1 x Kyosho FW05T Front Sus. Arm Set.
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Front Calipers Rings
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 plastic parts
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Evo 3D racing BELGA id washer (Shimo)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Super Narrow Racing Slick Tires 22mm (SN) M-#30
2 x Herramientas de setup de down-stops para miniz
1 x Alu. Front Arm Pin Mount for Mini Inferno
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Buggy Differential Crown
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Rear Spring Set
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 aluminium rear suspensions mount
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Ferrari Fxx Adhesives
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 body mount
1 x Team Orion EFRA 2647 Escape y codo (Largo) (Motor:CRF X312T)
1 x Spec-R X Ray T3 Spur Gear Graphite Plate
3 x Main Chassis(MFR)(Kyosho)
1 x team durango detc410 spool pulley set
1 x Kyosho Front Wheel Rim 54 Yellow for TT Without Traction
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Diff Case Set
1 x GPM Aluminium Subchassis for Team Losi Crawler
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Rims 5 spokes (22 wide)
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR 3D racing flywheel
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 14T Motor Pinion
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha FRONT UPPER ROD.
2 x Kyosho FW05R SP Main Chassis 7075
2 x Losi Micro T - Rear Stainless Shaft
1 x Kyosho Pure ten Stering Rod
1 x BZ2017 Carbon Plate for Servo(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Head Sink Motor GX12 gold
1 x Kyosho GXR15 Throttle Return Spring(GXR15)
1 x Kyosho GF16 O-Ring Set
1 x BZ2017 Rear Arm Mount Set(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho Starter Assembly GS11 Black
1 x Kyosho star Button Screws (M3x8)
1 x GPM Alloy Steering components for TAMIYA DB-01 (2 Pieces)
1 x Kyosho Brake Rod and Stopper (gas)
2 x Kyosho Fortune 612II Crew
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Carbon Suspension Shaft Holder Front Inf
1 x Pigment ProFx Spectral Midnight Purple (5gr)
1 x Kyosho SHIELD BEARING (12x18x4. 2pcs)
1 x Multi Drive for Kyosho V-One RRR
2 x Kyosho Sandmaster Buggy Brake Lever Vintage
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Slipper & Servo Saver Spring Set
1 x Kyosho Servo Saver Storng Ring
1 x Traxxas Slash 4x4 Aluminium Rear Arm Brace
1 x Team Durango SPRINGS: REAR 5.5X10.0X1.0MM (2pcs)
1 x TOP Scythe Differential Spring
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 tank rubber bushings
3 x Kyosho MFR Monster Wheels 14mm hexes (4u)
1 x BZ, AMZ, AWD Diff Screws, Nut, Oring, Collar(RC Atomic)
1 x Team Kyosho Aluminum Drive Puller 26T(V-One RR)
1 x Kyosho DBX Upper Suspension Shaft (3x39mm) (DBX/DST)
1 x Kyosho FW05R 3D Clutch Assy
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR 2nd hard gear 21T 0.8M
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 Brake shaft set
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Inferno Body Shell (clear)
1 x GLR Long File Spur Gear Pitch 64 and 53T
1 x Kyosho Inferno GP/ST Rims Yellow wide=56 (2u)
1 x Kyosho Nitro Blizzard Shift Cam Set
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho FW-05 rear sway bar (2.5)
1 x X-Ray Drive Shaft (50mm)
4 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 front springs (14-1.6/L=75mm)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Shock shaft
1 x Ensotech Adaptador de Micro USB a TypeC
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten (EP 2) Main Chassis
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Aluminum Motor Heatsink(Half 8/Blue)
1 x KO Propo Servo Horn en carbono y aluminio (18.5mm)
1 x team durango diff outdrive front steel 2u
1 x Kyosho inferno MP9 Universal Swing Shaft center cap (84mm) (1pcs
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension Mount 3.0 deg (Red)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Rear Suspension Support
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR rear damper stay (T = 3.0/RRR Evo.2)
1 x Atomic AMR Alu. Option Motor Mount. (For AMR)
1 x Kyosho V-One-S Front Stabilizer (V-One-R)
2 x Kyosho MT120 center gear box (MFR)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten 1:10 Slick Tire 25
1 x Kyosho V-One-RR Aluminum Drive Pulley & Double Disk Hold.
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 3.0 rear stabilizer bar (3.0mm/MP9)
1 x Kyosho Allen Screw Button (M3x15)
1 x team durango suspension hanger shim set 8x0 25 4x0 5 4x1
1 x PR Racing SC201 Caja de diferencial mecánico
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Chassis Stiffener
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 front spring (8-1.6 / L = 70)
1 x Team Losi Crawler Front or Rear Suspension Arm
1 x Spec-R Aluminum Extension Body Holder (6mm)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Front Lower Suspension Holder
1 x Atomic Alu. Rear Shock Stay. (For AMR)
1 x Kyosho PureTen Spider GP Torreta delantera en fibra de carbono
1 x GL Racing 2 * steering knuckles for the GLR
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Rear Shock Stay(RRR)
1 x Kyosho Inferno ST diferential pinion 10T
1 x Kyosho V-One S III Set de tirantes
1 x V-One RRR Grafite Parts for Brake
1 x Spec-R Touring Car Spur gear 64P 108T
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Vintage Gear box
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 Battery Holder Set(Mini Inferno)
1 x Tamiya DB01 Aluminum C-Hub
1 x Kyosho Crawler Rock Force Universal Joint
1 x Sirio S09 Aluminium Back Plate
1 x Spec-R Hard Coated Differential Joint (For SPR009-BD)
1 x Kyosho Tapered Star Screws (M4x18)
1 x Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Training Guide Roller(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten (EP 2) Cooling Plate
1 x Kyosho Wing Stay & Body Mount Set(Mini Inferno)
1 x Velvet Coating Triple Cap Thread Shock(30)(Kyosho)
1 x Short Course PR Racing SC-201 Manguetas de direcció opcionales
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Rear Rims (Hex 12mm) For Foam
1 x Kyosho V-One-S2 SP Drive Belt 396
1 x TOP Scythe Main Chasis 2.5mm
3 x Kyosho Differential ball grease (long life)
1 x SSG King Pin Mount (Front & Rear) for Mini Inferno
2 x Kyosho Nuts (M4x3.2)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpga (EP) Pully
1 x GLA Precision Spring - Soft (R)
1 x  Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 -ball bearings 7x11x3mm
1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Front Spring Set(Mini Inferno ST)
1 x Kyosho FW05RR Titanium Front Upper Suspension Shaft
1 x KO Propo BSx2 Power Servo Composite Box
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR 1st Gear (0.8M/15T/)
1 x Team Durango Mid DriveShaft Clip Version (73mm) DEX408/v2
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Swing Shaft (47mm)
2 x Kyosho Mini Inferno Slipper Pad (Hard)
2 x Kyosho Landmax Rear Bumper
1 x TOP Scythe Suspension Mount 1.5 deg. (Red)
1 x Team Durango DESC410v2 Eje de rueda delantera
2 x Kyosho Canopy set A-6 DF55
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Velvet Coat Big Shock Set
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha front trapezoids
1 x Kyosho F-86F Sabre/F-16 Fighting Falcon (GP) Pales Turbine
1 x Sirio S09 Light Weight Aluminium Flywheel
2 x Traxxas Slash 4x4 Aluminium Front Arm Brace
1 x Kyosho FW05 Universal Swing Shaft (Short Type)
1 x TOP Scythe Spring 5.75 Winding
1 x  Kyosho V-One S Front Sus. Plate.
2 x Kyosho Motor GX40 Carburetor
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Belts (E9KN - 08 222 - 301)
1 x TOP Scythe Belt Tensioner (Red) 1u
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Super Narrow Racing Slick Tire 22mm (SN) M#25
2 x Hardened Alu Motor Gear 46T (64P)
1 x KO Propo Aluminum Gear for RSx one10 Response
1 x TOP Scythe Rear Damper Stay
1 x ATM Axle Lock SET for Kyosho V-One RRR
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Ejes de suspensión trasero Inferior (52mm)
1 x Kyosho Motor GT32S-MR Carburetor
1 x Kyosho DF55/F-16 fan adapter
1 x Kyosho V-One S Front Lower Sus. Shaft.
1 x Kyosho V-One-RRR Correa 387 para polea de 24T
1 x Kyosho V-One-R4 servo saver guide
2 x GLA Shock Collar set (BLUE) - 4pcs
1 x drift tire rim for 1 10 scale cars offset 3 camber 0
1 x Spec-R Wheels For Mini Touring M-Type
1 x Pigment ProFx Spectral Enigma Green (5gr)
1 x Kyosho Motor GX21 Head Gasket
1 x Kyosho V-One RRR Pulley Set
1 x GLA Precision Spring - Hard (R)
1 x Team Orion - Silicone Wire 12AWG black/red
1 x Kyosho Turbine for plane (GP)
1 x Extra strong glue Pattex Repair Extreme
1 x M3x6 button head stainless Hex Screw (10pcs)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 Tie Rod
1 x Gear Diff. Housing for SPR009-Tamiya FF03
1 x Kyosho F1 1:10 Rear Tires Foam
1 x Kyosho F1 Group C Racer Soporte Carrocería
2 x Kyosho MFR Monster Lower Suspension Shaft (King Pin)
1 x Kyosho Inferno VE Motor Pinion 11T
1 x Kyosho F1 Group C Racer Suspension Arms
1 x Vintage Kyosho F1 1:10 Rims Set
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Cllutch Bell 14T
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x15)
1 x M3x16 countersunk stainless Hex Screw (10pcs)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster 1er One-way
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 Special Rear Upper Rod
1 x Kyosho Inferno Wheel Stopper Set
2 x Screw Pin(3x59mm/4pcs/MFR)(Kyosho)
2 x Kyosho MFR Monster Bevel Gear set (11T/43T)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Rear Suspension Holder Aluminium
1 x Plate Set(MFR)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 SP Rear Lower Sus.Plate 4gr
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Rear Stabilizer Bar 2.8mm
1 x Kyosho Monster MFR Air Cleaner Elbow (XRD)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Clutch Shoes 3Pcs
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 3PC Flywheel(OS.W-Disk)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 SP Rear Shock Stay
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 Universal Swing Shaft
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 Support rear shock
1 x Kyosho Inferno SP Clutch Bell 13T.
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 Wide Wheel Shaft
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 MP6 SP Steering Plat
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 Rims Orange
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Bandeja de radio
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 MP6 Plate Set Blue
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 saveservo (MP5)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 Rear Shock Stay(MP777)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 SP Rear Sus.Plate
2 x MT113-01 Shock PlasticParts Set(MFR/InfernoNEO RS)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho MFR Starter Wiring Unit
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP777 Front Hub Carrier20゚
2 x Kyosho 97022 2Pcs Flywheel (φ35/MFR/DBX/DST)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster bell 2nd speed
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5 Aluminium Rear Suspension Plate
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP6 Main Gear Housing
2 x F/R Brace Set(MFR)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Side Protection
1 x Kyosho Shield Bearing(8x22x7)2Pcs
1 x Kyosho Shield Bearing (6x10x3)2Pcs
1 x KO Propo delrin Servo Gear Set (PDS-2501 ICS)
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster center gear set
1 x KoPropo Servo BSx3-one10 Power (0.10 sec/60) 17.8Kg
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2511 ICS)
1 x KO Propo metallic Servo Gear Set (PDS-2512 ICS)
1 x KoPropo RSx2 Caja de servo superior
1 x Kyosho IF454 linkage set (MP9)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Ball 7.8mm (IF55)
1 x Kyosho Fortune 612II sail boat
1 x Wheel Nut (Blue/IFW106B)(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Lancer Evolution VI Adhesives
1 x Kyosho FW05 Diff.Case. (DBX)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Front Center Universal Shaft (L = 84/1pcs/MP9
1 x KOPropo Servo BSx3-one10 Response (0.08sec/60 13.3Kg)
1 x Kyosho Autoblog Alu Nylon Nuts (M4x4.5)
1 x Kyosho Servo Perfex KS-302DS Digital (5.0 Kg)
1 x Team Durango DEX210 / DESC210 Gear diff outdrives
1 x KYOSHO Hard Adjust Rod (3x36mm) 2pcs
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Tires Slick M-25MN
1 x Kyosho FW05RR Front Upper Sus.Shaft
1 x Kyosho V-One S Drive Belt 210
1 x Team Kyosho V-One Brake Bracket & Stiffener
1 x Kyosho V-One S Brake Shaft Set
1 x Kyosho V-One S Tuned Muffler 1/10 (Nipple)
1 x Kyosho V-One S III 2-Speed Oneway Holder
1 x BZ2017 Alu. Rear Toe in Mount (2 dot)(RC Atomic)
1 x Atomic BZ Ball Heads Set
1 x Kyosho FW05T 2nd Shoe Holder
1 x Team Kyosho V-One-S Aluminum Drive Pulley 19T
1 x Kyosho FW05 Pinion and Gear Steel 12-37
1 x Tire Low Pro Medium Narrow Inner Mesh (D24R)
1 x Kyosho Allen Button Screws (M3x25)
1 x Atomic BZ Steering Links Parts
1 x Foam Bumper (for GLA-035)
1 x Kyosho V-One S Wheel Shaft
1 x Kyosho FW05R Cambio de 2 velocidads para eje SG
1 x Kyosho MFR Monster Unit Front / Rear
1 x BZ2017 Suspension Arm Pivot Balls (4pcs)(RC Atomic)
1 x Team Durango DESC410v2 Vasos de diferencial
1 x Ball Diff. Gear (28T) (GLA/AWD)
1 x Atomic BZ Upper Bulkhead Set
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP5/MP6 Support Rear Axle Lower 2gr
2 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Titanium Screw Set
1 x Kyosho V-One Fuel Tank (75CC)
1 x Kyosho FW05 Steel Bevel Gear Set (38T)
1 x Kyosho Sand Master Set de varillas
1 x Kyosho Tapered Allen screws (M4x25)
1 x Pn Kyosho ZX5 Alm Rear Arm Hoder BR (Orange)
1 x Kyosho Shim Set (12x15x0.5mm) (10 u)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Forward Support Cushion
1 x Kyosho Shim set (12x18x15mm) (10u)
1 x Kyosho V-One S Tuned Muffler(5.2)
1 x Rear Hub(Off-4.7/#0.5?/RB5/ZX-5 Middle S(Kyosho)
1 x Kyosho TR15 Titanium Adjuster Rod (20mm)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha Upper Deck
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Knuckle & Hub Carrier(7º)
1 x Kyosho V-One-S2 Special Roll Bar(for V-One SII)
1 x Atomic AMR Steering Block & Rear Hub Set
1 x Charge board PN Racing AAA
2 x Kyosho Center Diff & Servo Mount Spacer Set (MP9)
2 x Team Durango 2mm HEX BALL M3x10mm (4pcs)
3 x Kyosho Porsche 959 Gear Box (Vintage)
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 ANTI ROLL BAR FRONT KYOSHO MP9 2.8
1 x Lock nuts on Aluminium and Nylon for Kyosho Inferno.
1 x Team Durango TURNBUCKLE M5x64MM ALUMINIUM (2pcs)
1 x ATM Wide plastic rims for MiniZ AWD Offset 1.0 7 poles
1 x PN Multi Length Disk Shock Absorber System for MiniZ (94mm and 9
1 x Spare Towers F+R for 10mm Long Shock(RC Atomic)
2 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 Wing Stay Set (MP9)
1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Battery Support
1 x Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Steel Diff.Shaft Set(ZX-5)
1 x Kyosho Fortune 612 Keel and Rudder Set
1 x Kyosho Upper Deck Alpha EP
1 x Shimizu Rims Touring 1:10 (Wide 24mm Hex 12mm)
1 x Kyosho V-One-S3 Eje principal (S3 Evo)
1 x Kyosho Inferno MP9 radio box
1 x kyosho BBS RIMS 1:10 SCALE AD60 B35
1 x pn racing mini z awd machine cut 10 spoke rear wheel r0 yellow
1 x Kyosho FW05 Swing Shaft(for Wide Tire)
1 x Kyosho V-One S Drive Belt S3-396
1 x Plastidip Vinilo líquido Luxury Selenite Gray Metallic
1 x Kyosho On-Road Foam Rear Tire 35gr 1:8
1 x BZ2017 Rear Suspension Mount Spacer 0.2mm(RC Atomic)
1 x Kyosho MiniZ Autoscale Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
1 x Kyosho Washers (M4x10x0.8)
1 x Kyosho 1:10 Foam TiresRear 35gr Offset 0
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