New 25T crown for slot cars for axle 3/32

 3. Double screw fixation:

This crown have a double fixation system with two screws to fix better in axle, we are thinking in endurance races.

4. Variable motor axle width:

This crown is made in 3 diferent parts, the axle wall have two diferent position for 5.5mm pinion, and for 6.0mm pinions. With this two positions is posible adjust the crown for each pinion with o­nly change the axle wall position.

 Its simple, sice today, the slot pinions have increase the number of tooths but never increase the diameter of pinion, this solution is not a very good solution becouse that solution incompatibilice the crown and pinion. Normally when the pinion increase tooths is normally increase the diamenter like slot cars in sidewinder.

 5. Adjusting inertia:

With this design we can change the material of axle wall to adjust the inertia of the car, and this increase or decrase the breaking distance. We will offer in a future diferent axle walls in diferent weigth to adjust this parameter.

 6. Spare parts of crown:

Since today when a screw break the crown you need change all crown, now with this design you o­nly need change the pressor system.

7. Compatible with 3/32" Slot Axle:

The most used axle in 1:32 slot cars is 3/32", and this crown is adapted to axle perfectly.

8. Now in 25T:

We think this is the perfect measure for endurance races, and we prefer begin with this tooths becouase we can offer a very good product better that our competitors.

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