Pn-Racing lanza al mercado un nuevo motor

Introduction: This limited edition motor is hand pick and further enhance by the founder and chief design-engineer of ‘PN Racing’, Mr. Philip Ng and is signature. Each unit has go through series of performance checks, several high point measurements and adjustments. The formation of this special product was starting from a serious selection of top quality materials, and is limited to produce for o­nly fifty units.  Each unit will be under special packing and stamp with assigned serial number.

Recommendation: As is a very limited production. PN Racing Performance Team urges you to utilize this product with good gesture. You may consider to use it for the major event or simply treat its as your collection. There is not require for any further break-in as each unit has been set to the best condition.

Performance Reading: RPM 38000-39000 ( Under 4.8V with loading of 1.4g )

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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