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RCP Tracks Large Radius Oval #50

RCP Tracks Large Radius Oval #50



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Circuito Oval completo formado por 52 losetas en total, de 50 x 50cm. Se puede utilizar como pista oval aunque se suele combinar con circuitos Wide L (C17440) para hacer pistas de graneds dimensiones con curvas variadas.


RCP Tracks Large Radius Oval
Part 15052
If this is your first track or adding to an existing track, the Super Oval kit by RCP Tracks is a great choice. This huge track measures over 18ft long and 10ft wide. It can be used by itself or combined with other tracks to create larger and more challenging road courses. Split the oval up and create a large sweeping chicane, as shown below. Everything is included in the Super Oval kit to create the layouts shown below. No additional pieces are needed. Kit includes 1 1/8 tall soft side rails and strong threaded attachment pins that secure the rails to the track. No need to worry about the rails coming off from car impacts. You can remove the rails after use or store them with the rails connected for faster set up time. Track comes with two racing surfaces, smooth for loose racing or textured for high level grip when using soft rubber tire compounds. Features:
– 50cm X 50cm tile size.
– US patented design
– Custom interlocking tiles for quick set up, tear down and storage.
– Modular design that allows you to combine tracks and create many different layouts. NOTE: This track can only be combined with other 50x50cm size RCP track tile kits or accessories.
– Soft side rails that help protect the fragile plastic RC car bodies.
– Quick set up with no tools or glue.
– RCP Tracks are used by some of the top RC manufacturers exclusively for micro pro racing events around the world.
– Flexible racing surface allows for the creation of bank turns, just like pro stock car tracks.
– Large radius inside and outside turns for smoother entry into the turns.




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