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Return policy


  • All return process must be done by sending the RMA form and with its RMA label, which can be downloaded below.
  • Returns can be made within 7 days of receiving the order.

    What can be returned?
  • Defective products: In this case we take care of all the process of collection and substitution of the defective products at our charge. We send you our agency. The products will be inspected by our technical department and will analyze the defect, if the product is defective, the product will be replenished at no cost to the customer. If the product is detected as in good condition and does not present any defects lso return costs will be borne by the customer or buyer.
  • Products that you have not used or bought by mistake: In this case the return will be made by the customer and the postage will not be paid.
  • Late Products: Products that are returned after the deadline, will be analyzed and can be paid by coupon discount for upcoming purchases at the discretion of our technical department.
    All the evolutions are of the type that they must always be accompanied, of a copy of the ticket or invoice of the seller, of the form RMA as of the identification tag in the package.

  • Here you have the necessary documents for the RMA. The form and the label for when you send the package. Anyway we would appreciate you contacting us to avoid possible confusion.

    formulario rma

    Formulario RMA

    You should print the form and fill in the first three blocks by hand, and send it to email.
    In the first block fill in your personal data, invoice number and your contact.
    In the second block, a brief explanation of the reason for the return, as tightly as possible.
    In the third block, the collection schedule (with a margin of 5 hours). The other fields are for delivery. If they are the same data as in the billing check the box on form.


    formulario rma
    Etiqueta RMA
    Print this cut-out image along with the form, and place it as a label for when you send the package. Once TRP has assigned you your RMA code, fill in the fields and we will send the courier with the collection schedule that you have put on the form, and we will send it to you. If you pay even a ct.


    For more information about the RMA system, you can call us at 93 783 30 36 and we will be happy to inform you, advise you and keep track of the shipments and the condition of your merchandise .

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    Tel: 937833036
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    1 x Llanta y neumático de drift 1:10 Gun Metal Offset 3 Camber 0
    1 x TOP Scythe Damper Case (Red)
    1 x Rodamientos metálicos alta velocidad 5 x 10 x 4 (4u)
    1 x HPI Savage King Pins en Titanio (opción GPM)
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD 4x4 Espaciador de motor A3 Azul
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Cónicos estrella Chapa (M4x25)
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ Moto Racer Llanta delantera Racing
    1 x GL Racing Set de amortiguadores de suspensión en FRP
    1 x EasyLap Transponder IR Personal (Sistema Robi) MiniZ
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Botón Allen (M4x8)
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Cónicos Allen (M4x6)
    1 x Kyosho Prisioneros Allen (M4x8)
    1 x Kyosho Tuercas (M2x1.6)
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos cabeza de botón, allen (M3x8)
    1 x Kyosho Arandelas (3x10x1mm)
    1 x Herramientas de setup de down-stops para miniz
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Botón Allen (M4x20)
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Cónicos estrella Chapa (M3x18)
    1 x Kyosho Prisionero Allen (M5x40)
    1 x Kyosho Tonillos Botón Estrella (M4x20)
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Cónico Allen (M4x18)
    1 x Atomic BZ Correa Trasera Opcional (94mm WB)
    2 x Cables de motor silicona negro y rojo
    1 x GLR Coronas de Pitch 64 y de 51 dientes
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ Soporte Eje para Bancada Multi Motor
    1 x Aceite con fluorine para king pin Kyosho MiniZ
    1 x GL Racing Arandelas de amortiguación azul aluminio
    1 x Kyosho Arandelas M4 y M5
    1 x Adhesivo de doble cara (Especial receptores)
    1 x Team Durango RR Hanger -2mm LRC (3 grados) DEX210/DEST210
    1 x Placa de carbono 94mm para posición RM para MiniZ
    1 x Clips de carrocería para miniz 10 unidades
    1 x QT Placa suspensión configurable MiniZ MR03 MM/LM 102 Plata
    1 x KO Propo RSx One10 Response Servo Replacement Pinions
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ Frontal original Lexus SC430 GT500
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Placa carbono reconfiguracion bancada
    1 x PN Racing Llantas MiniZ AWD (R+2) Diseño BBS Amarillo Fluor
    1 x Brazo para la bancada MiniZ MR2295 tridamper conversion
    1 x Mini-Z Frontal carbono Mazda 787B (necesita adapt)
    1 x KO Propo Piñones de servo metálicos (PDS-2511 ICS)
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Sports Tapa de servo Original
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ AWD Barra Trasera Toe Out 0.2mm
    1 x Atomic AMZ/BZ17 Placa frontal carrocería F458 (para OP033)
    1 x Ko Propo Base de emisora para bateria Li-fe 6.6v 2S (87x30x18mm)
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Bancada Multi motor 93-102mm
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ Gyro Sports (MR03S2/MA020S/MV01S)
    1 x Kyosho Super Ten Bolas Rotulas 11mm con tornillo
    1 x Kyosho Fuselaje Oxalys GP
    1 x Kyosho Drone Racer Carroceria G- Zero Lexan Transparente
    1 x Tornillería Cónica M2x4 cabeza Philips (10uds)
    1 x PR Racing SC201 Rodamientos 10x15x4mm (4u)
    1 x Atomic BZ Bancada en Carbono para servo Graupner DES131
    1 x Atomic AMZ Caja de diferencial
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ | Frontal en carbono Ferrari 458 GT2
    1 x Kyosho Drone Racer Helices blancas (4u)
    1 x Kyosho Caliber EP400 Varillas de cola
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR03 Tonillos titanio cabeza botón cónica
    1 x Kyosho Tornillos Botón Estrella Chapa (M4x15)
    1 x Placa de carbono dureza 4 para Mini-Z MR03 MM
    1 x Pivote para suspension MR2060 en Acero
    1 x Suspension de Disco ML (94mm & 98mm) para Kyosho MiniZ
    1 x Pivote para suspension MR2060 Plata para Kyosho MiniZ
    1 x Kyosho MiniZ MR01 Chasis Skeleton Azul Transparente
    1 x Kyosho Mini Inferno 09 Caja de radio
    1 x Kyosho Pure Ten Llantas Aerodisk (24 ancho)
    1 x Xray NT1 | Estabilizadora Trasera Ajustable
    1 x TRP Calcas al agua PRECORTADAS nº 175 Martin Short
    1 x Postes de para carrocería Pan Car PN Racing MiniZ
    1 x Atomic AMZ/BZ17 Placa frontal carrocería DS3 (para OP033)
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